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  1. What crop was that for? interesting one was white clover- 19,000 or so bees per hectare.
  2. This one here ? https://www.agrifutures.com.au/wp-content/uploads/publications/12-059.pdf
  3. @JohnF would it be fair to say that a large amount of bee research being done overseas is relatable to NZ? Not negating the research done here because there are NZ specific problems. I just wonder if researchers in nz is trying to source money from a very small group, whereas overseas there is a huge pool of people to fund from.
  4. A lot (most?) beekeepers, both long time and new to the industry have experienced an exceptional lift in their incomes compared to before the Manuka boom. Do you see it as a period of a re-evaluating of the expected “lifestyle” some have become accustomed to, and a number exiting as the can earn better incomes elsewhere, even get a better return on investment elsewhere?
  5. So many parts of the country with no excess honey flow. Hives are maintaining weight (barely). Some sites require a hive or two topping up with some syrup. On the positive side, the weather has settled somewhat and finally getting a better percentage of queens mated. Hives that haven’t performed have been used to split for replacements and hopefully a few increases.
  6. True. I talked about heaps of other stuff regarding the bumblebee and honey bee. They had only so much space to put words in.
  7. And here’s the update. South Waikato beekeeper believes pesticide to blame for death of bumblebees in Timaru | Stuff.co.nz WWW.STUFF.CO.NZ A South Waikato beekeeper is imploring people not to spray pesticide on flowers...
  8. Well that was interesting, I was contacted by the Timaru newspaper that published the article about the bumblebees. They are going to make corrections to the article based on the information I gave them about bumblebees and pollinators.
  9. Found a few of those but I always assumed it was because the new queen in the hive had stung and killed the developing pupa.
  10. Those out for a walk along Timaru’s Raymond St on Christmas Day would have been confronted by hundreds of dead and dying bumblebees. Hundreds of bees found dead along Timaru footpath | Stuff.co.nz I.STUFF.CO.NZ Those out for a walk along Timaru’s Raymond St on Christmas Day would have been confronted by hundreds of...
  11. I still look in there Dave, so keep posting please ?
  12. Are you still looking for old scales? This set came up on FB Marketplace.
  13. Perhaps it is a nectar producer?, it isn’t recognised as a pollen source for bees. http://www.gw.govt.nz/assets/Land-Management/Akura-Infosheet-Plants-to-attract-bees.pdf
  14. I’m not sure but my guess is equal amounts of nectar and pollen.
  15. 80% is acceptable 90% even better 95+% I’m ecstatic? I’ve had around 40% success with queen matings this year. Hoping for better results in January with more settled weather. I was talking a a friend in Levin today and he was saying the weather has been pretty average down there through spring and even now. You are in Otaki correct? The Tararua range doing it’s best to pull in the stormy clouds!
  16. You probably would be better off buying some good calm stock mated queens. If you are grafting cells and relying on Drones from your hives or even locally you may well end up with grumpy hives again.
  17. Oxalic dribble is currently the only written legal method for delivery of Oxalic acid in NZ. Sublimation , soaked in cellulose strips etc are used under the clause of “personal use”. They are written in to law. I know Phil Haycock was working towards having the gib paper strip method registered as a legal method, not sure where he is up to with it. Oxalic dribble is best used in mid winter where there is little to no brood. It’s a very good “clean up” method before the spring treatments go in. Auckland North it probably isn’t a viable method due to brood being reared all year round.
  18. I’m not sure you mention when the hive swarmed. Wait another couple of weeks before checking again. There could well have been a virgin queen running around or out on a mating flight.
  19. You can get digital scales for weighing fish etc from stored like “hunting and fishing”.
  20. I forwarded it to my wife. Ewwwwww they look very small! Was the reply ???
  21. Quite often the initial swarm will congregate within the apiary for a few hours or even a couple of days depending on what the scout bees have Sussed out for a new home.
  22. We have 3 vehicles at home all wear the yellow badges from my bees. New roof on the house....bee poo all over it!??? 11 years of bees at home and only one complaint from my mate over the fence when he was trying to sell his dark metallic blue mk2 escort, he had just washed it before someone came to look at it, bees had left their waxy streaks all over it. we’ve had to move hives from apiaries before due to neighbours not liking bee poo on their 2.4x6m designer gold plated windows
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