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  1. Yes Mot was hit hard but Wakefield never got the hail and don't know about Tap.
  2. How’s everyone’s crop looking. Ours is pretty rubbish . The weather has been terrible for ages only just starting to get some heat some days. lawns are still bright green and growing we’ve had so much rain and clag some areas haven’t really flowered after a massive flowering last season. would be good to get an idea on what the commercial crop is going to look like this season. .
  3. There’s an unbelievable amount of hops being planted in the Tasman area and hundreds and hundreds of acres more going in. Even Dairy farms are being converted .
  4. this is exactly what I think has happened and is happening. Those of us doing honey before manuka are aware of what it’s like producing low value honey and working through winter or even doing a night job after your full day of beekeeping. Our first honey cheque was $24000 (total) I can still remember that day, it was so exciting it was more than a years wages I had never seen that much money in our bank account. Today I would be devastated if that was our total payment even 4 times that much wouldn’t be much better. Then along came Manuka and we got used to high returns, not just high it was crazy money. it’s hard to let that go but we have to because the reality those days are gone and we won’t see them back. So it’s decision time and we are all in different circumstances which dictate what options are viable.
  5. true but houses in Nelson that were $400k three years ago are $600k now so it evens out.
  6. I’m working on it The Coast is my favourite place in the world.
  7. It’s blimmen freezing here so tempted to light the fire the past few nights. not honey weather that’s for sure.
  8. The reporting by stuff is abysmal not only is it often factually incorrect it’s always littered with spelling mistakes and the articles they publish are often just click bait . housing prices, greedy landlords, dirty freedom campers Boomers who have taken all the riches for themselves and left the world polluted and dying. these are the top rating articles I see in the paper and online day after day, month after month and year after year.
  9. I’m wondering if Gerald is a beekeeper why does he have settlers honey bringing their beehives onto his property ?
  10. reckon pulling your plonker I have a vivid imagination and I don’t want to tell you the details of my mind picture right now
  11. Ohh that's soul destroying. Nothing we worse than doing all the work and expense to get healthy hives into honey and turnaround pulling empty boxes. Feel for you Maru we've all been there and done that
  12. It is to a certain extent. The resident queen right now is getting on and won’t be laying as prolifically as a young one. Introducing a young queen will increase healthy bee numbers quickly.
  13. Those canvas seat covers are great ours have completely died anyone know where to get them from ?
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