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  1. With Canada having 36 recognized genders I'm curious how @yesbut has done with this. (Up late with sick kid so trolling)
  2. Remember geocaching? Maybe we could try Bee-o-caching. Get trampers on D.O.C. land involved. Prize for finding unregistered hives... well I'd donate honey for the cause.
  3. From the University of Florida Links in the blog to "Two bees in a podcast" and a virtual tour of their beelab and gets you to their blog articles, reseach and FAQs http://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/entnemdept/2020/03/23/5-beekeeping-things-to-do-while-stuck-at-home-during-coronavirus-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR1SDJXWrlpFCRD3ehiWQiZx7BpGRaEHwdsbZTYdDWlmD1dm6STktxHCojs
  4. Unfortunately everyones an expert but this has got to be some of the worst advice ever. With peanuts it's best to wait till after two years it is known as 'most likely to'... cause a sensitivity. Your child looks like she's a 'good doer' so you probably wont need to do more than the standard diet and of course if you can breast feed it down-regulates a lot of inflammatory responses so for you some poached wild caught salmon, and lot's of delicious new potatoes and salad prepared by someone else of course
  5. What were you planning to put in for the deer? Roundup used to be touted as safe until some recent research regarding genetics and mutation so big warning went up amongst those practising organic land management. You may want to look at Jon Jeavons work on Biointensive gardening for your wife if she's into gardening. Happy wife, happy life. Good on you for listening to her @jamesc. In some of my youtube wanderings found interesting fact that mullien springs up on land and rehabilitates the soil that is hard packed and robbed of nutrients and other plants are indicators of soil conditions and pH levels. All fascinating stuff but can almost hear the yawning haha
  6. One black bee, one female wool carder and one wasp. Photo of black bee to be supplied later (as soon as I figure out how) passionfruit vine hoppers also in attendence and was visited by the biggest dragon fly I've ever seen in NZ. The pool was treated the same day as had turned a delicious green.
  7. Well after checking the hive and finding not a scherrick of brood with the classic hive roar looks like we have a new queen who was busy being mated. Phew cos thought I might have squished the old girl, but the practice cups had all been torn down except one so was hopeful. Looks like they are building up to swarm again so steps taken and fingers crossed. Nice solid brood pattern but may be some disagreement among sister groups as bit of crazy comb going on still. Must be this hive's thing.
  8. Some people spend that much on a sewing machine but that foundation came out looking nice. Will pay dividends in it's own way. Did you find it easy to use? With the cost of foundation as well as costs of attaining it such as petrol, a coffee from the petrol station, feeding the troops who have been roped into accompanying you, another purchase not accounted for (possibly a bribe for the family miscreant to behave themselves) I would figure this purchase as a money saver.
  9. Since beekeeping has been compared with the "Wild West" how about a "Counting Coupe" with scoreboard? It only became scalp taking when the government got involved and paid for proof of a kill. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counting_coup
  10. I'm wondering if we look at it logically perhaps the best course of action is to calculate whether bees are indeed the problem and perhaps we need to restrain beekeepers who have more than 10 hives in some sort of rehabilitation facility. I hear the government can help with all kinds of addictions and perhaps the Brain Injury Trust and services of this specialist nature could also prove helpful. Perhaps after 5 years we could reintroduce beekeepers back into the general populace in a controlled way with appropriate social supports such as family who are well aware of the special needs of beekeepers and the unique problems they bring. I'm sure many could find alternative employ in areas where having a strong opinion in subjects they know nothing about is useful such as politics, education and public service. In this way they can repay their debt to society. Just a thought.
  11. Will just tell them "There is more to life than being really, really good looking"
  12. There were some expletives muttered. I understand hunger but this was greed. People are surprised what I can produce but perhaps they should read a book on the subject instead of trusting an article or opinion in some magazine. Always surprises me how little people know about what they purport to be experts at. Glaring inaccuracies of the ilk of a quite well written article in Readers Digest 30+ years ago about bees with a picture of a drone fly on the front cover. My dad kept it and would take it out every so often and chortle to himself and we would get to listen to the story all over again. 15 years ago there was an absolute dearth of honey bees in town but we would observe the others including the now infamous drone fly and discuss food security etc. Crops always good in my garden but a chap in a village nearby had such a poor yield on his beans it was written up in the local rag. Perhaps if people didn't spray everything they'd be surprised... mind you there are some signs of new interlopers. 4 months of poor border control in the wee small hours of our morning because of industrial action. May pay to keep a weather eye out for the new and unusual.
  13. I live in an area where the homeless of Wellington have been gravitating too. Mature fruit trees that I planted while being told I was an idiot for doing so as there was aways fruit at the shops. I objected to the entire tree being stripped leaving me nothing and was unable to call the local team of fruit pickers to supply the local food banks. Good fruit trees I selected for cross pollination and maximum yeild. Was concerned back then that things wouldn't always be "peaches and cream" and we now have a burgeoning population of homeless people. For that particular tree I don't think it was homeless people but more of an opportunist. Was done overnight as went out the next morning with a bowl to collect for our use and every fruit was gone. It was laden the afternoon before. Think you need a special permit for native wildlife and I doubt they would approve of guard wekas.
  14. Already have stone fruit set. What's the dealio on keeping weka or tuatara? Gave up on the chihuahua idea after seeing a tea-cup one. Would need to spend a lot of time in my pocket. the original shaking dog. Looking into surveillance cameras as last year there was some ne'er-do-well taking the lot. Police reckoned I could report it. Just wondering what team would turn up if I report "My peach has been stripped".
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