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  1. i would think that in the far north harvest before 31. 12 should be achievable quite easy and so far that is considered save without testing.
  2. i don't blame them for getting it wrong, i blame them for sitting on it for 3 years know it was wrong, then implementing it anyway. (and obviously for over a year haven't done the slightest bit to fix it). but looks like they did an excellent job to cover their tracks cos nobody seems to know who exactly we have to thank for this and i don't even want to know what this hoax has earned them while they had everyone believing they worked on an billion$ industry solution. if you look at it from a different angle, the history of manuka honey is a tale of how to turn #### into gold. manuka honey once was considered rubbish, the manuka plant a hated weed, manuka land worthless. same storry in oz. than came the alchemist Peter Molan. and since than an endless cue of people after the fast $ in manuka. in that respect i give those guys who masterminded this standard the first price. they surely turned their #### into $.
  3. every single mono floral manuka should pass the standards for a multifloral manuka. but they fail. that alone shows what a hoax this is.
  4. i have not tried to sell any cos i don't have a lot and i think i can sell it all "packed". but it's interesting that none of my buyers has contacted me yet for bulk honey in drums.
  5. i don't like reading much, but even me would read this. had once the pleasure to work for Malcolm for a week and he gave me a tour. very interesting man and beekeeper with a lot of old tricks up his sleeve.
  6. as i said, my composite sample is under the set limit. the set limit is not a limit where a health risk arises, but a limit agreed on and far from any consumer health risk. it's a bit like saying i have to put a 310mm snapper back cos it's too close to the 300mm limit and keeping it puts the snapper population at risk. can anyone tell me how many points you need to be under the limit to get a "pass " instead of a "may not comply"?
  7. yes, that's exactly what it means. but the whole idea of the composite sample is, to set the standard low enough so that ever drum passes as individual if the composite sample is under the limit, or it's a complete waist of money.
  8. same here. had one load of 6 drums tested and failed. only just. (012 limit and mine is 0.15) so made 2 groups of 3. had a bit of an unlucky hand. most tut ended up in one lot. limit 0.23, i got 0.21. so i would call this a "pass" but it says "may not comply" so i find that they should adjust their standards to cover for any inconsistencies, cos as much as i believe in compulsive testing, i don't believe in this kinda Micky mouse standards. or at least i need to be told how many points i need to be below the standard to pass. i'm soooooo over it!!
  9. yes, he made our wedding rings. used to have a couple of hives on his place but too much hard work. egocentric coromandel locals. i'm one of them now, so i know what i'm talking about. lol
  10. ups. that's the post i wanted to reply to.
  11. was there a fishing rod in the cab on the passenger site ?( the main reason why i won't have employees)
  12. just had a look in some hives of a friend the other day who didn't think varroa was a problem in his hives. all seven hives heavy pms and all have that same, distinctive smell . i assume smell indicates bacteria, not virus, right? so since bees usually stay away from pms hives and don't rob them out, is it fair to wonder if this gear should be used on other hives . as beekeeper, i know very little about this. i usually don't reuse central brood frames of pms hives , but nice light comb and honey frames i have been reusing. not sure if this has any relevance to the particular question, but even if this had nothing to do with this science/paper, that's a 'practical use question' with bees/varroa/bacteria i'd like to ask.
  13. driving comfort: no question. mahinra way better. i get a back pain just looking at the hilux now. and i'm surprised how well the mahindra goes off road with road tires in 2 wheel drive with that 2 wheel drive diff lock thingy. i would consider buying 2 wheel drive in the future if this is common in modern 2 wheel drive utes now (?) i have not taken it into the mud or done any hardcore off road tracks, yet. that's what i keep the trusted hilux for.
  14. took me a while, but if i got this right, here is a Photo of me in the 2018 mahindra and the 1990 hilux next to it. just for you, Trevor. oh, and @Alastair of cos
  15. so far my experience is that you take it out of gear, put it into 4h or low and wait a few seconds and it's engaged. i do go backwards after disengaging but, because i was told to. also important to press that nob that's kind of a diff lock. was impressed how much difference that makes even without putting into 4x4.
  16. you know i'm a computer illiterate and i need the help of my wife (kinda ex wife) for that. lately she's gone a bit off beekeepers, including this one, but for you i will try.
  17. so i got me a mahindra 2018. takes a bit getting used to coming from a 1990 hilux. couldn't part with the hilux yet. but so much better on my back and next warrent 2021. amassing power that 2.2l engine. mahindra rise!!!!
  18. was probably your insurance agent who stole your canoe
  19. right. so just keep doing what we are doing. it's cheap now and will cost us everything once caught out.
  20. it's probably all these beekeepers who had a bad previous season with manuka growing more dope to compensate. i tell ya, these damn beekeepers. we should lock them all up and nz would be a much saver place.
  21. totally disagree. it is the most relevant debate if we truly wanted to turn away from 1080 drops. but it's probably pointless to have this debate here.
  22. i can see that both activities suit a similar type since both involve tramping through the bush. but do you think a person turns into a grower because he has found employment as a trapper? or do you think staying on the benefit will stop anyone from growing? i actually think beekeeping should be stopped because it makes it way too easy for growers to bring loads in and out on trucks camouflaged as beehives
  23. what is meaningful about killing possums to make $ of their fur if at the same time the actual control is 1080 and you actually need to "breed " more possums to be more economical? for those who see making $ as a meaning of life the world is still round. those that see no real value in this have inherited a pear shaped world. in every society there is always a number of people that won't fit in. how we treat those shows the true hart of a society.
  24. cyanide was the first choice ( i think also their preferred choice to top themselves) i'm pro cyanide in pest control. i hope that won't make me a nazi in your eyes?
  25. that sort of attitude is a real shame. because obviously the alternative to 1080 drops are very labor intense. i have witnessed first hand how people who had no place in this society have found a meaningful life as trappers. people with more charter than most of us here put together. who's main fault was, that they will not back down. also have witnessed how anti 1080 personal in pest control were replaced by those who suck up to it. i don;t argue that 1080 works. there might be areas where there is no practicable alternative at this stage. but even where 1080 is avoidable it is still used. and 1080 drops, where only a small % even reaches the target, are just criminal. if it was a "one off" and then we work out how we continue. but this will go on for ever until people stand up. and the alternative is labor intense. beneficiaries/inmates are not a different species of human. many have more character and mana than those in the "workforce" and might prove themselves when given a meaningful chance.
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