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  1. Hi all, I am very new to bee keeping & noticed a few different cells popping up in my hive in the last check... I'm wondering if you can please tell me if the photo shows the beginnings of swarm or supersedure cells? From what I can find in books/online, they are supersedure cells, but I am hoping to find out if I am correct in thinking this or not I also found a queen cell right at the bottom of one of my frames with larva in it (not pictured). I have a queen currently with a blue marking so I believe she was hatched early last year, and there is plenty of brood in my hive. Thanks in advance, Georgia
  2. Hi there, I am very new to bee keeping & I am just curious to find out why when I opened my hive yesterday, I found that a number of bees were gathering in the bottom corners of the outer frames within the brood box? Please see attached pictures. There were also a number of bees on the brood box itself (on the inside), not on the frames. The hive looks to be healthy :) Thanks in advance!
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