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  1. My very first harvest! Super on for one month, 8 frames harvested...20kgs...beautiful...very happy!
  2. Yes bring it on I say, and on a side note, I doff my hat to thee, bringing up those puppies. That is an awesome job you are doing....I couldn't raise a puppy and hand it over to someone else, so full respect to you on that mate.
  3. Yes there was an item on the tv news about it lastnight, seems like a great idea, surely easier for a quick sniff of a hive by a dog, than laboriously inspecting every frame....but I wonder about logistics, a lot of hives dotted around the country, a lot of ground to be covered by dogs. But certainly for areas where the commercial beek has a lot of hives, must be more efficient.
  4. I have the new ones, seeing as they have a higher percentage of ventilation than the original, will the air flow from below need to be blocked off a bit in winter?
  5. I have public liability insurance as part of my insurance package, on my block. If you have the same, look into that, or contact your insurance company for more information.
  6. You would be less of a sick puppy if you ate vegemite!! ?
  7. Apparently another common mistake is getting it the wrong way around and injecting yourself instead of the person whom you are trying to inject!
  8. my favourites for mechanical work and gardening are ones I got from a safety shop, Black Bull by esko safety. they are long lasting and you don't sweat in them. A nice snug fit and just a light coating of nitrile on the palm and fingers to retain good feel. The ones with a thicker coating of nitrile lose a bit of 'feel'.
  9. Bremworth carpets have ditched all synthetics and gone back to all wool. A great move, hopefully our wool industry will return to days of old.
  10. For positioning a hive, is there any rule of thumb as to their flightpath and approx how far out from the hive would the worst of the mess start to be less obvious? Eg do they fly in a straight line for a certain distance...and poop within the first 20 metres etc?
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