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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your discussions on here. I am a farmer from South Africa, and part of my farming include beekeeping, but on a fairly small scale, unfortunately. I currently manage about 100 hives of Scutellata (African Honey Bee). I am however considering emigrating to beautiful New Zealand! And Yes, I do know this site nor its subscribers are here to facilitate or assist emigration, and thats not what Im on here for. I would like to find out if becoming a full time beekeeper in New Zealand is still a prospect for a foreigner? How many hives make being a fulltime beekeeper financially sensible? If I only want to be in honey production, which area are best? Due to the nature of our bees here, all work must be done after sunset and before sunrise, I assume bees in NZ are not as aggressive? Is the general health of bees in NZ good, or do you have to treat various symptoms? Is the Nz government supportive of beekeepers? Apologies for such random questions, but these are just some that I have, hope to hear from you guys! Warm regards André
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