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  1. Thank you for responding........yes I do have some flax flowering at the moment......but there could also be some horse chestnut trees about. As I'm at Narrow Neck on the North Shore, Auckland we are surrounded by pohutakawa, and they are starting to flower, but the pollen is yellow. Glad to hear that is it normal and thank you for taking the time to let me know everything is ok.
  2. Hi Bron Thank you for responding, I really appreciate it. The brood box still has room, and I added another three quarter super at the last inspection - they are still drawing out the comb so nothing in there at this stage. Yes I am watching the ecrotek videos, reading Practical beekeeping etc and I know with more time I will become more confident and able. ?
  3. I inspected my hive today and found some red in some of the cells. I noticed a bee with red pollen on it's legs so I'm assuming this is normal....but would have thought it should all be yellow. Can someone confirm if red pollen is ok? I didn't take a photo. Probably 6 red cells sprinkled about. I've never noticed it before today. I have had bayvarol strips in the hive for 6 weeks. I should have removed them today but didn't check the dates. The box says 6-8 weeks. Will remove them in 2 weeks time. I only have one hive. I am wondering about the honey being contaminated while the strips are in. Can anyone comment on this possibly? Found a fully capped queen cell which was half way up the frame, and a couple of half ones which I destroyed. I destroyed the fully capped QC. I know the Queen is getting on in age, as her wings are getting a bit frazzled, but she seems to be laying. Now I'm wondering if it was a supercedure cell and should I have left it alone. Don't want any swarming so decided to play safe. A bit stressful being a beginner..........but still fun.
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