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  1. Ok, so then I can learn about your native bees. What other kind of bees do you have there? Our native bee is A. melifera melifera but the most common one is the Buckfast variant followed by Krainer and some other. We also have alot of solitary bees (is that correct english name?) At the moment I have 3 hives with a form of A. melifera called Elgon and next year I will start two hives with our nativ A. m. melifera. They will be kept so they can keep most of their honey as winter food and they will be kept in a form of TBH. /TheSwedishLord
  2. Anyone keeping this bee? I would like to import this honey bee to Sweden but our import regulations don't allow that. So maybe I can import from any breeder here? /TheSwedishLord
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