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  1. Alastair - you are a bloody legend! When all others had given up hope on our little Spartans, and all seemed lost, you arrived on the scene like Gandalf at the Battle of Helms Keep. Thanks so much from Leo and Jeremy, you have made a little boy (and his dad) very happy. And thanks for all the other comments folks, all very helpful. Cheers JJ
  2. Thanks for replying Alastair - Yes my 9yo son developed an interest in bees so the hives were a present for his birthday last week and I wanted to keep it alive at least until then - so that mission complete. - Didn't want to say "happy birthday son ... by the way your bees are dead" ? But I accept and appreciate that they are a lost cause, and know now that we were a bit naive to take on this lemon. - Having said that the bees were already in the neighbourhood - so I haven't made the world a worse place. And I have learned a bit in the last week (and got very little work done) Moving forward we have done all we can do - registered the hive, joined a local group and club, read some books, watched some you-tube, spent hours with my son watching these little Spartans valiantly holding back the Persian armies at the Hot Gates of Thermopylae, and got a bee-sting on the neck. But the main thing I would like to do is ask someone to confirm no AFB asap, so I can proceed with a confidence to get a new nuc and rebuild- so thanks for replying there Alastair - I will be in touch asap. Cheers Jeremy
  3. hmmmm thanks for your comment and advice John - I had a closer look using the afb app - seems ok - but I have contacted a local group to see if an experienced beekeeper can assess, Thanks J
  4. Great thanks for the response Chris - I poured in about 2 cups of syrup and it held in there OK and put the frame in next to the cluster .. see how we go with that. I will see if I anyone around Muriwai has got some extra brood frames Thanks JJ
  5. Hi everyone I got some "rescue bees" from a guy a few days ago and relocated them. I think they were a bit neglected and have lots of wax moth throughout. He did treat for varroa though. I dont know a lot about bees but I think the bees are in trouble - the queen looks OK but there are only about 200 or so bees in the hive covering about 1/3 of a frame. Interestingly they are all on the one plastic foundation frame. There are lots of empty cells on the frame they are on and the rest of the frames have nothing in the cells , so I think they need some food fast. I dont have a hive feeder right now, and given that the bees are all clustered at the top (presume for warmth) they may not appreciate the extra space a top feeding arrangement will make right now especially since there is a cold night predicted tonight. Soooo, I have some extra frames with empty comb on them, and I thought I could pour on sugar syrup and stick it in there this morning (if it stops raining) as a rescue. I couldn't see anyone else doing that on line, and wondered if I shouldn't do it for some reason. I just want to keep them alive for now. Any comments or help would be appreciated
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