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  1. bit late here but just want to add to this thread in case anyone finds it in the future and is in a similar situation. i'm a first year BK and had to requeen early on, start of October, because the queen in my starter nuc was DOA (long story, but I didn't accidentally squash her or anything). The nuc supplier sent me a new queen for free and I set the cage according to one of trev's videos, then commenced chewing my fingernails down to stubs. What if... etc., exactly as described in this thread, and all the advice in old threads here and elsewhere was of course to just let them be. On about day 6 I couldn't hack it any more and lifted the lid for 20 seconds with no smoke to see that the cage was empty and there wasn't a single scrap of candy left. All good. Did another check exactly two weeks after introduction: massive slabs of brood. STAY OUT, they will almost certainly be fine. anyway posting in here because back then I found a post on beesource that they have up as a sort of PSA for people doing queen introductions and I think it's worth quoting at length. I followed this advice, except for when I caved and had a peek, and it worked great. Link to the thread is at the bottom. also: hi everyone, I spose this is my first post, I've been lurking for ages. Attention Required! | Cloudflare WWW.BEESOURCE.COM
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