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  1. Can't see any big hole or a digger in the pic, suppose we're not getting a homogenising tank yet....
  2. Yo Yo weather down here too, had awesome Rata flowering, but not so many days for the bees to get it. Still working on getting the crop in and hoping for some good weather for the clover....
  3. Nice to know I could give you some reconciling thoughts....would love a bigger tank than what we got, but I suspect that every time I'd look at it I'd feel awful for all your bees in the hole?
  4. Yes, I suppose I do think some re evaluating must be happening within the industry. I'm not predicting anything, nor advising, I can only talk for our circumstances. We started way before the manuka boom and we were used to support the business with other income. We were young and keen and had no kids and enjoyed it and it didn't matter, now I'm in a different position. I think it's terribly sad that long established beekeepers like @jamesc (that's an assumption as I don't know you personally) think of having to dig a big hole and get rid of their hives, sad for the industry and sad for the individual. I think we all hope that next season will be better, but we all fear that it won't. What keeps me going morally is my kids, they're young and keen and enjoy the bees, financially....well, have to ask the accountant.
  5. Not right, for sure. Anyone who can escape the industry at the moment and have a better, easier life doing something else is wise. We'll be sticking with it for the near and far future as I really don't have that option, and mostly we enjoy it. So my hamster wheel has some fun bits in it....and yes, emotions don't pay bills @Bighandsbut isn't the beekeepers mantra....next season will be better?
  6. @jamesc, it sounds like you're in desperate need of another Wakachangi or two! Digging a big hole is a lot of work too and hey, you won't escape the hampsterwheel anyway, life is a hampsterwheel.....
  7. Storms like that are so frustrating, do so much damage. Hope your plants recover! For a change we have missed the worst down here in the deep south, had it cold for a couple of days, which was good to start the extracting. But yesterday afternoon the sun came out and today looks fine....might have to do some 'real' work.
  8. It's really quite nice beer, but the best thing about is it's label...
  9. Didn't see it on stuff, but did see it in our bush....flowering beautifully, now if the rain stops one day, we'll be very happy beekeepers!
  10. We got the first day extracting behind us and I changed my mind for my dream honey house I don't want an uncapper anymore, I'll keep my boys on the electric plane for uncapping and things are fine! They've done a fine job today ?Weather is rather challenging down here, we got a nice Rata flowering and if it stops raining it'll be great. But I agree with @jamesc and @tristan, looking forward to a relaxing Christmas day with good food and good drink and no work, after that, we'll be back on the job.
  11. It is an excellent word, had to look it up and had a wee laugh as I think beekeepers have a natural tendency towards that. I agree so, that if it concerns AFB it's a good thing that we have now the ability to detect. But sometimes i suspect some buyers use/abuse science to push down the price, with the excuse of high/low counts of anything in the honey that suits them on the day.
  12. If they ring @jamesc back in a couple of weeks and offer him a lower price he'll know for sure....and luckily my imagination got drowned in a nice, cold beer tonight, so I'm safe
  13. Looks good, and yes producing queens on the dot can be stressful. I'm lucky that I got my two younger sons helping with that part. Young, sharp eyes, great for grafting. And I hope not too stressful for them...., but then they don't do it as a job. But they produced all our queens this season so far and any spare ones they can sell to hobbyists in the area, which works out good, as there's no queen breeders around where we are. Keeps my head clear for the rest of the hives and the boys away from the computer...
  14. Looks very cool, @Goran, over here not many use the oxalic dribble, as far as I know anyway, more the vaporisation of oxalic. Have you got snow where you are? We're having a cold spell here and had snow in the mountains all around us and it's supposed to be summer!!
  15. Try a bit of lubricant for the bearings @jamesc, port seems to work most times...anyway, have to correct you, it should read 'funny woman', apologies, probably should have introduced myself somewhere on the forum here, but never got around to it. Anyway, you're right, as long as you keep treading, the wheel keeps turning and bills are just part of it. In a lean year, i. e. honey price down, the big bills are just a lot harder to smile at....
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