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  1. I understand that there has been a huge body of work and legal expense on the New Zealand side of this debate and my belief is that the name Manuka will eventually gain a protected geographical status unique to New Zealand. I believe the Australian Aboriginal word for Tea Tree is Kalara. This should be used for Australian product if they no longer want to use Jelly Bush. I have tasted the Australian product many times. It is fundamentally different. The taste and texture are nothing like Manuka. From the perspective of looking at global growth of Manuka, I believe internationally it is dangerously confusing to the consumer when Jelly Bush/Kalara carries the same name as genuine Manuka.
  2. 'A quick google search' - this tells you nothing other than retail price or recommended retail price. This does not indicate and correlate directly with the wholesale price achieved in each country/market. You need to stop believing your own hype. The RRP does not reflect the price achieved by what you call the 'Middle Man' the producer/packer. Only when the producer packer sells directly to the end consumer does the RRP have a direct relationship to revenue. You also refer to the 'MiddleMan" as singular. Depending on the market or geographical region the channel to the consumer can become more complicated with with multiple 'middle men' before the retailer offers to the consumer. There is no singular global solution so your reflection based on a google search of RRP is completely flawed.
  3. How much Mono Manuka do you have that passes MPI? What grades and what volume? We are being continuously so is it your price expectation that prevents a sale?
  4. Maggie My comments are purely independent. I know a number of people working for Oha and the huge efforts being made there.
  5. I believe the web page is overstated by 10,000+ hives. Making it a loss of over $1000 per hive. Two years ago and possibly even last year I would have said that a good management team could still turn the business around. Now I would say it would almost be a pointless exercise to atempt. Everyone who understood the business and the Manuka business has either jump or been pushed. It would be a very brave management team to take it on now. I understand the CEO resigned back in August. There has also been another round of restructuring and job losses.
  6. I respect your right to that opinion.
  7. No - Everyone I have talked to (outside of the industry) that saw the news article seemed to have interpreted it quite sensibly. The one thing they picked up on was that even if you consumed hundreds of kg in one day you would still be at WHO safe levels. Even the 20% of tested store samples showing trace residue Glyphosate were all determined perfectly safe and below the very extreme safety WHO levels. So the real story was that New Zealand honey is so clean compared to other parts of the world that Every store sample tested was perfectly safe. Only 20% showed any trace and were so far below WHO safety levels you would need to eat Hundreds of kg in one day to even hit the WHO minimum safety level.
  8. I was interviewed for almost 30 mins and I believed this was edited to about 10 seconds. In the full interview I was very clear that our testing was to demonstrate how clean New Zealand honey is and certainly not in the belief that Glyphosate would be prevalent. I also pointed out that in more than two years of testing we had only twice detected Glyphosate. I also pointed out that as demonstrated by the MPI testing in the article the levels detected have been well bellow the already incredibly low levels set be the World Health Organisation so probably less than 100 parts per Billion. As the news article clearly stated - The honey tested showing trace of Glyphosate was well below WHO safe levels and you would need to consume over a hundred KG per day to break the WHO safety level. It was made clear that of all the brands we produce it is only PURITI that is excessively tested above legal requirements and market standards in all areas. It should also be noted that we are not alone in testing. Another very prominent Company/brand interviewed on the Sunday episode, clearly stated that they test every single barrel.
  9. Just to be clear. Neither Midlands or Myself initiated the story. I do not believe any company involved in either of the Sunday or Monday segments initiated the article either. TV1 formulated the article based on information from the MPI. TV1 will have approached multiple companies and organisations for comment and or response.
  10. Hi John. I was jesting. I know exactly where you are coming from. You are correct about '10 new Brands' unless those brands deliver something unique enough to drive growth in the category then the value is simply diluted. What usually happens is that 9 of the 10 new brands cannot gain traction and simply drop price to move the product. The knock on effect is that price pressure then gets pushed onto the established volume brands and the whole market gets driven down. Unfortunately your shorter term approach scenario is quite prolific.
  11. My point exactly. Nesspresso have already done this story wonderfully for Coffee beens to capsules from South America - amazing natural landscapes and a human story. The same could apply to honey from the region. The story is great but not that special or unique to NZ.
  12. Ok then - I am still not seeing a strategy or a unique story, benefit or key selling point?
  13. Hi Maggie - These are great points. Covid/wet markets/Antibiotics all start to build a story. You need to continue adding to the story. Then remember that the 'Consumer' does not know any of this. How do you get this across? what does it mean for the consumer? How do you get the consumer to join the dots and determine that the honey is worth 'X' amount more? What is 'X'?
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