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  1. I've txted. Tried pm as well but couldnt. I'm crap at spotting queens but can pull frames while you look. However if there are eggs, larvae etc that would indicate the queen... those I can spot the box with no handles .. what if it becomes bottom brood box. Never shifted again. Put current brood box above it. I think I have 4 spare frames .. never used. I could bring them out and make a 9 frame honey with your five spare frames.
  2. @Wildflower I could put the boxes on your hives this weekend if needed. Eyrewell .. near ohoka and eyrewell forest?
  3. I will do that. It's a newish hive .. maybe 8 weeks or less. Added second box 2 weeks ago. With the bees investigating tin lid thought it might be robbing. Thanks.
  4. Just wait until you see green and purple pollen. Quite the sight.
  5. The video shows the entrance but heres a screen shot of it. Smothered in bees. A ball of clumped bees below. Bees crawling all over the front. Bees on side trying to get under the lid. Hive doctor. 60mm opening
  6. I went up to check the girls today ( external .. no hive opening as its showers, grey and not too warm) and found what looks like robbing. Someone suggested putting a things over door. Like leaves. Any thoughts? I think they are robbers as heavy investigation of under the tin lid, clumps at door. Tons of bees zig zagging in front of hive. Video added. 20201126_124455.mp4 WWW.DROPBOX.COM Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share...
  7. Thanks for that. Checked them today and they looked happy with just the 60mm open. Some congestion but not too much. Might open it up more later in the year if it gets really hot. Shane
  8. Cheers. I'll look up your suggestions. I had a guy come in wanting to make bee gear out of pallet wood. I think I disuaded him as most is not robust enough. Degrades quickly and the sized wood is all wrong. But it did get me thinking about modifying a current box for observation. Being in a community garden we get people wanting to look but I dont want to crack hives too often for entertainment. Thanks again
  9. I h I have the original. Single 60mm disk opening. The location is very sunny. I'm going to add second brood box today so that should help if it is too hot. Thanks for the reply
  10. Hi. With a hive doctor base the front door is 60mm. They have 6% under floor ventilation unlike a solid floor base. How have people found them in hot weather? The new hive is in a sun trap and its amping up to be a hot year so wondering if heat is an issue. Any thoughts welcome.
  11. Hi Daniel Would you be interested in sharing your plans? I run a mens shed and it might be a peoject of interst to a couple of the guys. Cheers
  12. The two hives are going well. @CHCHPaul CHCHPauls queeen is settling well. Warm day saturday so bearding on both hives .. all through the night and still some today - tuesday - even after two cooler days. Normal activity both hives and the latest check for swarm and supercedure cells found none. The extra space is working. Watching the new hive its gone from a few bees to busy so i think the extra frames have hatched. A good start.
  13. Tree nursery. No spray. We do have kids in the community garden ... but bees are well back in a fenced area.
  14. Yup. A friend in sheffield has caught a swarm he doesnt want and .... my wife has given me permission to start hive 4. Two birds, caught with one stone.
  15. Hive number one made it through winter in fine fettle. Its in my suburban back yard in Chch. Two boxes heaving with honey and brood. Was worried about being honey bound and @CHCHPaul confirmed my thought its time for box three over a queen excluder. Found supercedure cells so have been in a couple of times and last check there were no supercedure cells. Also took out frames of brood and dropped them in with a nuc into hive number two i just started. Plus honey. Ive freed about 5 frames in the brood boxes to make space. Hive number two started: its a flow hive i purchased years ago before starting keeping...long story... so am interested to see how it goes. Im cutting a full sized box down to an 8 framer to make a second brood box .. as they are off to a good start with the donated frames. The community gardens at the center i work in agreed to a hive after 2 years of discussion. Put it in using a hive doctor base...again trying something different. Im dubious the size of the entrance will be big enough when it gets stronger. One of the gardeners was a bit unhappy when i put it in ... then said he looked at the hive, saw the bees, and half an hour passed as sat watching them. We have a convert. The council have a nursery next door and asked if we can put a hive in there.... im saying no right now ... but they can visit ours. No sprays in use as both areas run organic. The community garden next to ours has one hive about 800m away. When taking the nuc to my location got seriously buzzed by a bee ... presumeably from there. It would not leave me alone. Second visit same thing. They seem to be a little aggressive or pushy so will keep an eye out for robbing of my new baby hive. The hive doctor base may be handy keeping the entrance small until it builds up. Trees down linwood ave in flower, we have had daffodils as well and brassicas / silverbeet etc all bolting so lots of flowers around. Three hives .. who knew. Im wondering how infected with the bee bug ive become. Is the smell of fresh honey and hives narcotic? Im already thinking a second hive to help the first hive at community gardens might be good.....
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