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  1. Thanks for all the comments, suggestions and tips all. I had already cut the material for the two boxes so have not gone too far down the rabbit hole, so thanks for the info and I will revisit the plans and suggestions. Perhaps the standard 10 frame sizes at 3/4 depth is the way to go from what I can see. @Philbee - further down south in invers on a bit of land, not seen much bee activity around where I am so hoping that I can introduce a few pollinators to the neighborhood lol. If anyone is or might know of someone keen to be a mentor or for me to shadow them please drop me a line, always keen to learn and get first hand experience. cheers
  2. Thanks for the updates, will go to the supplier and see what I can find.
  3. Looking at the size and weight of them, getting my son interested in beecoming a beekeeper and just mindful of the weight of them down the track. Once he gets used to it and a bit bigger I will look at going to the 10 frame mediums, but at this stage want him to be confident enough to manage the hives himself when I am not around.
  4. Good day all, I am just getting into the bee scene, been reading and researching for the last 18 months to make sure this is something I would like to do. I have decided to build my own bee boxes and the way I am getting my bees is to trap a swarm, my swarm trap is ready to go and was starting to build my boxes from 19mm ply that was free. I know there is thoughts of buying your boxes being more cost effective and easier etc. I am currently attending a bee club (yet to join as a member) and looking for a mentor, have also obtained my equipment for this beeautiful hobby. I enjoy doing stuff for myself and building things which gives me a better idea of the situation and environment, that way I know why and what I am getting myself into. So the question....... I have many plans to build langstroth hive boxes, some sourced, some converted from imperial but few of 8 frame plans. I am looking at going down the 8 frame 3/4 depth for all my boxes, but this question will probably cover all box configurations in the langstroth hives design. I cut the sides of my first two boxes and laid my home made frames from my swarm trap onto the one side just to confirm I am on the right track, which is when I came up with this question. So the side bar of the frame is 33mm used in NZ (used to be 35mm from imperial), taking that and multiplying it by 8 comes to 264mm (33 x 8). However the inside dimension of the NZ 8 frame box according to this (http://www.dave-cushman.net/bee/lang.html) is 310 - 313mm which is a space of 46mm +. Is this correct as that is enough for an additional frame along with more space? From everything I have researched and seen, the frame spacing is side by side and is where the bee spacing comes from the design of the Langstroth hive? I have also seen spacers for frames which I gather is the reason for not having the 33mm side spacing on the frames, otherwise would one not just increase the spacing side? Can someone clarify what I am missing or if my calculations are wrong or is this the norm? I know I hear "build it and they will come", but am also aware of the mess of a hive when it comes to pulling out the frames with cross comb so any clarification will be welcomed, or is it suggested I just go to 10 frame mediums? Cheers
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