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  1. check my photo in gallery is it phaecelia? might be spelling badly.
  2. My hives doing the same,I reckon they're cleaning( looks like grazing)
  3. a 45 degree wheel designed to direct the mullah straight into his pocket
  4. I just cut my ones right back because i thought it has been affecting my hives.I wonder if wetter and drier seasons have a bearing on the strength of the "poison"created.Maori soaked the kernel for some time in water to negate the poison before making a sort of flat bread by grinding and baking.I also understand the berry is poisonous to dogs.
  5. I agree although I have seen you tube clips where this is used successfully in this manner,also there are many clips on making silicon molds off plastic foundation so as to print cells in the foundation
  6. swedish firearm 6.5x55 being the calibre
  7. yep in Tauranga,all a little strange in the B.O.P
  8. Is anyone with a deca available to inspect my single hive in Kawerau.I have completed the AFB recognition and competency test and passed but still require someone to sign off my hive for this year.I believe this is a good thing a years beekeeping with an inspection done by a deca holder,helps solidify the learning.
  9. every 5 to 7 days with oxalic acid vapour and due to how cold it was I was loath to open hive so did a count on the base board under hive,bumped into neighbour at supermarket sure enough one hive died.(being a newbee I presumed what I was seeing was some sort of honey flow-well it was just not from flowers).arranged to go and treat remaining hive after these fronts pass through They try too rub them off on projecting nails and i left some staples on hive step that they rub against as well very interesting behavior. you guys crack me up with your happy pills etc sorry about the font (default)
  10. What happened in relation to theses bees,I wish i saw this earlier,living in Kawerau and all.Murupara is only a short drive away down the milion dollar road.
  11. I have been seeing my bees come home and do this strange thing,they move their abdomen in a circular fashion to rub their plates together there by dislodging the dreaded varroa mite.I watched one do this yesterday and lo and behold a varroa was dislodged from its spot and ran out on to the bees wing where the bee could not remove it. The bee eventually gave up and went into hive having one last go at rubbing mite off its wing as it went through the doorway.12 days ago i finished a six week treatment via oxalic acid vaporization using this thing from england called the Gas-Vap,I believe they are picking mites up robbing a guys hives a couple of hundred yards away will have to visit him. A better description,the bee moves its abdomen up as high as it can go and then around to the right,bottom ,left and top again in a circular fashion always with abdomen at extreme angle or travel.Then it stops and quickly wipes itself down with hind legs.and repeats until offending mite is dislodged(or not).And now I know that these mites feed on the bees fat not the hemolymph it explains why some bees badly affected by varroa look see thru.
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