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  1. Did I mention the bee hive was really cheap? I had to study before I got there in case it was too good to be true. If you donr believe that I could tell if it was or not. Pretty sure a whole lot of bees with no wings is not normal! And about 10 fully developed bees just sitting in their cells is not normal. I assume it's Varroa from what a forum said. What else could it be then? Why would you think they are OK? If I was wrong about it, then my bad. But I'm persobally so happy I didn't bring it home. I'm so glad ekrotek gave me a veroa booklet. It's called a deadly honey bee parasite the Varroa mite. I was studying on my way there. And looked at AFB pics on the website before I left home. Also of course I had to look at AFB symptom's. Apparently you are a blog ed by law to know if you are getting bees to check them out. Is this not true? I wasn't 100% sure if it did. But it looked just like the pictures to me. That's all I can go off.
  2. Thank you. It's good to know there are people that can help. Thanks for the offer. I thought I would just go check out a hive today. And I had a look at a few that were sale. I thought they were quite cheap. I looked anyway. They had the worst veroa ever and DLW all through the hIves and brood couldn't emerge from the cells. Also, looked a little but like AFB in one hive. I got out of there so fast. . Do you know if beautbees in Ardmore are good? They look good.
  3. OK. Thank you, I will keep learning. If I don't buy them on Trade me where am I suppose to get them? The Facebook page nz beekeeping buy sell trade?
  4. I learned some things from YouTube. Don't worry. I was really excited and I bought a queen. But it was a mistake. Thanks for the help Thank you. I'm a bit down. I spent over $400 on gear and queen and things they'll need. I could have got myself a full setup by the looks on trademe. I'll try get a hive maybe in spring or summer maybe
  5. Yes. I'm from Auckland. I'm embarrassed and want the post deleted now.
  6. I put the box out and lots of bees came. So i bought a queen and shes in with them and they bundle around her at night to keep her warm. I have a new bottom board. I just purchased it a week ago. I didn't let the attendants go in the hive with her, i separated them in case the other bees don't like them. I will try as hard as i can to get them to survive. I will bring them inside the house when it starts to get too cold. I put a blanket over the hive at night to keep the warmth in and i take it of early morning. It gets the sun all day so they should be warm enough. I will buy a full hive already established if i have to. Then i could split the hive in 2 so my queen has more of a colony? I'm still waiting for my beekeeping number to arrive in the post so i wont be able to purchase a hive already established until then i don't think.? Because of AFB. I will make a tunnel so they can go outside the house when i bring them in though.
  7. Hi thanks for the response. My mentor is google/youtube there is a guy called david at barnyard bees and also VinoFarm + waiting for a facebook page to add me. And I have now come here for advice. I'm not sure what Full frames of bees means. is it how many bees? About 3-4 fists worth of bees? I have also tried to purchase comb already drawn, but nobody wants to sell. There are a lot of flowers out at the moment but I though I would try give them syrup. Only about 1lt in the feeder. Do you think They will die and i start again at the end of the year? I just saw that there are ''Manuka Special'' was frames. Will these be enough for the queen to lay in?
  8. HI. I just purchased a Hive Dr bottom board a few days ago and I have a lot of bees stuck and dying in the vents. Is there a way to stop them getting themselves wedged or do I purchase the smart bottom board instead. Or do I just make a timber bottom board? I also have another problem. I have all the hive stuff set up. I have bees and a queen. 10 waxed frames etc and a 9.5lt top feeder full of sugar syrup. I think I don't have nursery workers as there is zero comb made. I just got them like 5 days ago. I think the bees are all going to die as there won't be any brood coming. Do I just wait longer? Or do I have to get more bees?
  9. I'm new to bee keeping. I just purchased a setup with a Hive Dr bottom board. The whole bottom board is full of stuck bees. Most of them are dead. Is this normal? I'm thinking of building a timber base instead or getting the smart hive board instead as the vents look smaller. Or does this also cause the bees to get stuck? I just made a topic for this.
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