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  1. Hi Trev, its a bit higgledy piggledy at the moment as i purchased several hives to add to my apiary in september they had Bayvarol in them but i treated them again and used Apistan which i removed last weekend my other hives i used Bayvarol and then Apivar ....I would like to organise my varroa control plan so i use the same treatment on all of them at the same time. Thank you
  2. I need some advice please i am trying to co ordinate half of my hives with the other half so i can varroa treat my apiary can be altogether. Removal of varroa strips in 5 hives was in Febuary . The others i removed varroa treatment last weekend April . How could i go about this please? Thank you
  3. Hi there, how do i get rid of wax moth other than picking them out with my hive tool if and when i see them in a frame?
  4. @dansar I am presenting a Beekeeping workshop at our local primary school i would love to be able to show the children Live Bees on frames is there a possibility I could purchase one of your Observation Hive's they look great and im having trouble trying to find one. Thank you Chantelle
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