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    She's already full and going in for more, keen!!
  2. Email me, I'll send you some gear to play with.
  3. Hey everyone, biased in my response as I own the company, but checkout www.modusense.com Feedback is welcome.
  4. Definitely try to save it in early autumn but as it gets colder that won't be easy, joining to a strong hive is best, you can even run dual-queens like this but put a queen excluder between the brood boxes and spray it with vanilla water (a few drops in a spray bottle of water) to mask the scent of bee's moving between. This way you'll get nurse bees from the strong hive supporting the weak one without risk of guard bees killing them. I lost one of my hives (queen specifically) to wasps so I joined what was left to a strong hive, cool to see the results from within the brood after just 5 days, see attached. ModuSense - Thermoregulation of adopted brood box.pdf
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