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  1. Thanks for the history lesson. it is interesting, and yes I will end up with a variaty of different hives by the looks of it.
  2. That is constructive thinking. I do have a connection to tourism so that would be one part too. Maybe a bit of both for my situation.
  3. If it is less invasive, creates natural comb, and is how its been done like forever, they say bees sting and get upset less, the viewing window on the side is a nice touch too. I am not a bee keeper, but as a Dairy farmer I know full well the silly myths that can go around and sound believable to an untrained eye, so maybe I am off beam here. But am not convinced either way apart from I see the conventional method of beekeeping makes it easier or maybe even possible to make a living off it and this may be the driving factor rather than true pros and cons? So this might be the motivation. I would like to know what you think.
  4. Yes that sounds interesting too. Do you want to contact me through my tm listing as well. I don't know if just one of you could be here or both but worth having a chat.
  5. Why would the Bees be less happy in a TBH? I know it produces less but am ok with that, and value having the complete natural comb for my customers rather than just the honey.
  6. I am a farmer with 125 hectares in Greenpark 5min from Lincoln looking for a top bar hive beekeeper who would like to have hives on the farm as an investment. I am interested in buying all honey and preferably honey comb. I can provide at least 2 tbh hives and could build more, land, processing shed, can buy all honey produced.
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