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  1. I want to unite a 6 frame 3/4 depth nuc that has a queen with a large hive which is queenless. I am planning to transfer the nuc into a box then immediately put it on top of the large hive using the newspaper method. The nuc is currently about 10m away from the large hive. My question is how do I move the nuc without the foraging bees from the nuc getting lost or staying at the original location? I wondered about moving the nuc into the box and putting it on the large hive in the late afternoon, and then putting the empty nuc box back in the original location and hope that any bees that return there will go in, and later on I could take the nuc box and shake the bees into the new box at the new location. I guess that the time taken for them to break through the newspaper will be enough for them to get reoriented to the new location.
  2. I am overdue removing my varroa treatment mainly because of the weather and other commitments. It looks like sunny weather is coming up next week with max daytime temperatures of 10 to 13 degrees. Hopefully there won't be a cold wind on those days like there has been most of the time lately. Is 10 to 13 degrees warm enough to open the hives? Am I better to leave the varroa strips on a bit longer so I don't chill the hives, or am I better to open the hives and take them out but risk cooling the hive down too much? I find it really hard to judge what is ok weather for opening the hive. All the information says to do it on fine, calm days. But what if you don't get that weather for a while, or get fine but windy days, or overcast but calm days.
  3. I had closed the entrance to one bee space a couple of weeks ago when I saw a few wasps blatantly going in and out of the hive. The bees were attacking the wasps as they came out. Wasps were trying to get into my other hive at that time, but not getting past the bees at the entrance, so I concluded that this hive was weaker and needed a reduced opening. The cluster stayed on the front all night. Looking at them now, a few are leaving the cluster and walking down and into the hive. Some are flying in and landing on the cluster but most are just sitting there. It's 12 degrees here with a cold wind and a heavy dew last night. I can't understand why they would want to stay outside in the cold but I guess they know more about that than me.
  4. I am also puzzled about bees clustering on one of my 2 hives. Today was fine and calm and there were a lot of bees on the front of the hive. There were bees also hanging around the join between box 2 and 3, and also bees flying around and under the hive. It is on a hive doctor base. The beard was enough to cover the front of box 1. At first I wondered if the hive was being robbed. There was the odd fight or tussle but no all out battle. I had the entrance down to 1 bee space because I had seen wasps entering a couple of weeks ago. This hive seems to be not as strong as my other one. I peeped down into the top box and it didn't look crowded. This evening, before dark, I opened the entrance up a bit as I was wondering if the narrow entrance had got blocked. I just went out at 10pm and there is still a cluster (beard) of bees on the front of the hive centred on the join between box 1 and box 2, away from the entrance. The weather is calm but cool. Today my other hive had some bees around the entrance but they all went to bed as it got dark.
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