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  1. So this honey will join the mountains in the shed awaiting the right price, am I right?
  2. Why are you chasing the Rata then. I would not it is not doing much
  3. Try "Intrepid" as an alternative spray. Uses pine needles as the base.
  4. Checked Lester's hives today and added a box where needed but what surprised me was to find swarm cells at this time of the year. I do not think the rata will amount to much, too early and already half way up the hill.
  5. correct.The bees are breeding and eating the nectar as fast as it being gathered. If I did not feed them I would have dead hives and dead hives do not produce honey.It lloks as though this week will be warmer than the last one.
  6. They are eating it as fast as it is coming in. Rata , odd tree, appearing at Jacksons so it is going to be early or a non event.
  7. On the true right of the Otira river.The large hill opposite the pub over the river.
  8. 1st S, Rata has burst bud on Goat Hill, so may be an early year.I also see Kanuka flowering which seems early
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