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  1. Evening people” hope every1 is safe and well during past few months with this pandemic crisis still backforwd! . Please kindly help me with some answer and advice with some problems i got in my hand at the moment. it startEd out with COVID-19 lockdown, beofore the lockdown I kept one hive at my tenant back yard..beginning of winter fall I blocked up my hive to protect robbers then Lockdown start and I couldn’t attend my hive.. when lockdown uplifted I when to visited hive and all bees disappeared.. i did not open hive and thinking everything is wrecked due to my lack of attention! Today I went to removed my hive, I found the super Box is empty, mid box with 9 full Frames Sealed honey, and brood box had rotten away.. also inside brood box saw mr. Mice pop out and took off! I know the honey is still good, but after seeing mr. Mice inside the box...I need you guys advices what should I do with these honey frames?! it’s still ok?? Or Rubbish it? please help me...
  2. Hey guys! yababa—thankkkks youuu! I knew u guys would have best answer to these kinds of things.. ”ecrotek doesn’t advice me..they just say that all we sell 5kg-20kg.:.
  3. Hey Guys..hope every1 and their families and friends are all safe and well:) just a quick question if any1 know where I could buy the old school pollen paste which come in a dog rolls form! it was good because the it was sticky and fresh when I stored it inside a plastic bag.. with the new Vitahive patties I got from ecrotek..1) 5kg is a lot for a hobby keeper 2) keeping in storage is not as good comparing to old pollen paste.. the box when moldy on me and now I get insects going into it..so I have to throw out the whole box! There was another option of mixing up paste with powder form..but hence the mixing, sound more like more work.. Thanks you in advance for any replies
  4. Hey guys, recently I extracted couple boxes of honey and with many thxs from members here helping me with some tips! anyway the empty frames were leave inside the garages and Some1 leave the back door open! (Wife) Lol... I came back from work and the wife was scream for help lol..I opened the garage door and heaps! I mean heaps of bees roaring at the honey boxes! Slipped on the protected gear and move the boxes out the back yard! Now the next morning there were more bees coming for the honey! so I decided to Try to steal these bee! I place on the plastics base with close entry and used the top board with the 4 corners exit entry and turn it upside down so the bee can entry the hive Can’t exit back out! I mean it was a massive bee gathering, I have trapped bee swarm before but this time iam not too sure if it’s a swamp cause I don’t think there any queen with it! But it was a big gathering.. I know it abit too late this time of the season for getting fresh brood..would introducing a new queen worth trying? or should I merge these bee with my old lot?
  5. Many thanks Oma, Alastair and others.. the infos was very helpful:)
  6. I got those 500gm plastic bottles..so I pack honey in plastic bottles and put them in freezer( frozen side of the fridge) ???? How long can I leave them in the freezer?? or does it have to stay in the freezer to be un crystallized??
  7. Creaming honey” Ohhh nooo! Sound like I just tripped over another problem! sorry guys iam beginner.. But even if honey turn into crystallized can place container in hot water and stir till liquify again??
  8. Thxs Alastair, to be honest I haven’t had a chance to eat my honey yet..but I stirred up everything and stored into a 20l container. last year I dispensed honey into small individual bottles.. over the winter, the honey when into crystallized. Therefore this year I decided to keep bulk in container and thinking it can easily be stir back to liquid?
  9. hey guys just an update and to closed this off.. the method of leaving thick honey in a warmer room temperature eg glass house.. after that pour honey into a cone filter sleeve and squeeze off the honey. it work for me as I was very tempted to wrap up my honey extraction.. many thxs for all input!
  10. Ok I placed the honey bucket in my hot house and came home today noticing the honey is much loosen up.. but the wax deposits cloaked up the mesh and not much honey been dripped through.. I might need to switch over to my cone mesh filter tomorrow to see if draining will be better! Hey that wax presser from trademe look good! Thxs very much?
  11. Thxs u Trevor.. iam doing it in my garage and it not that warm either, I guest I will have to relocate the honey to somewhere that warmer then.. hey what about using a fish tank heater dipping it in the honey? Clean heater of course! Would the heat kill the raw honey chemistry??
  12. Hello every1, seeking for advices how to extract thick honey.. I managed to collected 2 boxes of honey this season, most frames were capped and some were uncapped.. as we spinned off the honey, the uncapped honey in frames did not come off, so I decided to squeeze the juice out of it ? see it very thick,.. Now I’ve mixed my thick squeeze honey together with the loose honey and let it filtered..3/4 of the honey filter through but the rest just sit still in the drainer and too thick to drips through..!! Could some body please send me advice how to complete my thick filter honey?? best regards, jack
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