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  1. Got a nice little one this afternoon. It’s filled a 6 frame Nuc box (Ecrotec one, says it’s 5 frame but fits 6 easily). At head height in 3 clumps. Shook them them in then put the box in the tree until the stragglers went in. I added some varroa strips after bringing them home and saw how much comb they have drawn in 4 hours, I’ve seen it before but it’s still surprising to me how fast they do it.
  2. @Craig O, drop some honey to nearby neighbours early in the peace and keep a steady flow going (a bottle or 3 each season). They’ll forgive a lot when you take that route. Honey comb fixes most things too. Im lucky and haven’t caused any drama yet, but if I do I have some good will in the bank.
  3. An interview I thought interesting about Niue Honey. RNZ Audio Player WWW.RNZ.CO.NZ
  4. Wish I had followed this advice. I bought the PDF, read it twice and then bought the book as I wanted a copy I could read in the sun.
  5. “Oh good, the queen... which oh damn, I wrote on the forum they definitely weren’t in the hive”.
  6. Thank you guys, this is good advice. It was windy, wet and grey and 5.30pm, a terrible time to do it but I did another search and am more than slightly embarrassed to admit that both queens were found. Small, dark, fast and one was very tatty. I made 3 Nucs. One is queenless (swarmy tatty one) and the other 2 have my queens. They are in the locations the parent hives were in. The hives are queenless. There are no queen cells anymore. I believe young bees are more accepting of new queens (and hope they are) so this may help get the hives to accept the queens. Ill keep an eye out to make sure bee numbers are ok in hives and Nucs as they won’t fit in the Nucs. I haven’t had queens this hard to find before, that was miserable and I think I checked each frame 6-8 times (3 visits).
  7. Probably important - some of the queen cells were halfway up the frames in in both hives. It would seem strange for both to be supercedure and both die before their daughters had hatched.
  8. I was going to requeen my hives this coming week. I opened all three to have a last check and found 2 to be queenless (they had queens last weekend). I triple checked and am confident there is no queen. One had a recently-capped cell (so may have swarmed, but their numbers didn't seem any lower) and the other had 10+ cells with various stages of growth, none capped. Both had eggs eggs, so there had been a queen there recently and it was a week since I'd last looked so don't think it was my doing. Both had very tatty queens that I wouldn't have thought were able to fly. I closed up then searched again the next day (yesterday). I have queens to collect on Tuesday. What's the best way to requeen? I intended to just squash any remaining cells, and pop the queen in and let her chew her way out the enclosure. I haven't bought queens before so thought I should run this past someone knowledgeable.
  9. @Maru Hoaniand @john berry I believe slander is by definition untrue. If they are repeat offenders and you have had unproductive discussions with them, I strongly believe that naming and shaming is required - having the general public avoid their products would be a good thing. That said, I doubt this forum would like that and it would seem out of character for both of you.
  10. Thank you - I had thought the traps were to monitor numbers before spraying. It seems not. I’ll add a treacle pudding to my pheromone trap.
  11. Hello everyone, I’ve been following along silently and there have been many helpful posts on the forum over winter. I was wondering if anyone had any advice about codling moth? They really hit the apple tree hard last season and I want some apples this year. The tree is about 6m from my hives 3 hives. I’ve read up a bit (reducing moth habitat, traps/monitoring and spraying seems the standard methods) and had a search here too. All the treatment options I’ve read up on seem to be marked as fairly ineffective except for spraying. The sprays all seem to be recommended at late blossom stage and seem to be pretty broad in what they hit. I’m yet to see one that actually mentions the effect on bees. Asking in store results in staff reading the packing and saying variations on “bees aren’t listed, it should be fine”. I have my concerns. If all the options are bad, the moths can have the apples. The tree looks nice and I prefer the bees, but I would like some apples.
  12. @The Frasers, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’m sure you haven’t made all these but in case you have: 1) Sugar shake a cup of bees from good brood frames. Don’t shake ones from frames that aren’t all brood if you can avoid it. Do this more than once to confirm the results. The real result is from an alcohol wash but I’m too chicken/soft for that. I recommend watching a few YouTube videos of sugar shaking, as it is pretty wild the first few times. 2) Look into some drone brood. It’s gross and it pretty horrible to cut it out and pull it apart, but what’s happening there is eye opening. 3) Check your strong hives too with sugar shakes, the ones that look great. In my (limited) experience, they are just as bad or worse than the ones that look iffy. I suspect this is from robbing but it’s truely startling how bad the varroa can be in a hive that has a nice brood pattern, good numbers and otherwise appears ok (to me at least). 4) Listen to the others here! I’m yet to have a poor suggestion from the people who’ve chimed in on this thread.
  13. I did a move of about 10 metres in a series of small, tedious hops. It was quite funny. If it was sunny they would hang around the old site, but if it was windy, dark or rainy they were fine to go home and none stayed out.
  14. Any updateS @WebKiwiNZ? I’ve liked reading about your progress.
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