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  1. I do 3 rounds of treatments, 3 rounds of feeding etc, I can probly run my hives at $200 a hive so thats 140,000 to run 700 hives, what is everyone else running them at? I try and keep my hives running as best as possible so put alot of effort into them, probly going to run at a big loss this season with only 240 boxes from my manuka crop which may not pass the tests so what to do? Was thinking maybe tick up a 7 ton digger and do jobs on the side to keep funds coming in or maybe get into package bees.
  2. I always quaranteen AFB sites for 2 seasons, my honey gets sold and they do whatever with it so I'll ask them first, cant afford to be testing 1 part drum this season, things are going to have to get tighter.
  3. What about guys like me? I cought AFB in one of my sites that has never had it before, do I now have to extract that site separately and pay to test a part drum as there may be spores still in the hives that haven't shown up as it can take up to 18 months?
  4. I remember packaging drums of 30+ 10 years ago, havent seen any since
  5. Went to do a site of 12 the other day and hadnt even touched the hives, we were having smoko and bang, the bro moved faster than the flash? after the site the other bro took his veil off a bit early and took one under the nostril his eyes teared up ??? followed by 3 Haaaaaaaas, was soo funny but it always is unless it's you.
  6. The bees are generally calm if there's a heavy flow on and dont even rob, hives get nasty when queen less though even if a flows on
  7. It wasnt the greatest flowering but the rain and wind every few days killed the flow, hopefully there's enough manuka in the honey otherwise I probly wont even get close to covering running costs this year.
  8. My seasons been a dud, 2 boxes from 20 hives yesterday and 12 boxes from 39 hives today and it looks light as so might not even have much manuka. Hopefully I'll get 1/3 of the honey crop I got last season, still got a few hundy hives to go.
  9. Wonder when animal testings gonna come a bout? If the bees are getting it the mutton must be too.
  10. That's what has happened in my area, plenty of new sites came in and nobody got any honey. You have to have respect for stocking rates, if an area can take 20 hives and get a box there's no point in putting more hives there, hives just go backwards and nobody wins. Hopefully numbers reside next season and be back to the norm 5yrs ago.
  11. How much did you get? When I sold my 10+ earlier on in the year I managed to get $31 a kg.
  12. I just grab the hive tool and have a taste, usually manuka looks thick too, can have a green tinge and if you get a bit of a throat burn you got the good stuff.
  13. Last time my mrs called me that she got stung???
  14. Might be a good way to get the undesirables out of the industry!
  15. It should just increase for those with AFB problems, why sting the rest of us who do our part to destroy it and catch it before it spreads. Should be massive fines for those who have full blown AFB and havent found it in the early stages, especially if found dead!
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