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  1. Hi @Laxin134 This might help: we have Propolis Mats with holes pre-produced here: https://ecrotek.co.nz/product/propolis-mat-feeder-hole Thanks!
  2. Hi @Julian_Taverner, just to let you know our frames are sprayed with 100% beeswax that is melted at very high temperatures and sprayed directly on
  3. Hi @MackAp, MAQS recommend removing the queen excluder prior to treatment in case the bees try to move upwards away from the MAQS and leave the queen behind. However, your feedback is valuable and i'll pass this on to the product team to look into some options
  4. Hey @MackAp, I just heard they're actually all galvanised, sorry for the confusion.
  5. Hey @MackAp, all our excluder grids are stainless steel (We have one type with a galvanised rim, but the grid is still stainless steel). As for what has caused this, the formic acid in MAQS can cause rust. As @john berry mentions, your best solution for this is a plastic excluder
  6. Hi @tom sayn, No - it's a non-toxic attractant. The wasps are attracted to it and then get stuck in the trap
  7. Hi @tommy dave, we are looking into this with our supplier. We're aware we have had one customer who had caught both bees and wasps, although there seemed to be more wasps caught than bees. Given the amount of wasps caught, it looks like it was beneficial to the hive, despite some bees being trapped. The product was tested prior to sale by our supplier and found to be highly effective at catching wasps and not bees, but we have contacted the supplier again now with this feedback.
  8. Hi @tommy dave Sorry for the late reply - we do a 3/4 Depth version: https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/product/rtg-3-4d-beehive-box-stk-foundation The reason this isn't on special is because we currently have very limited quantities in Auckland and Christchurch. We have more stock of the 3/4 Depth RTGs with Waxed Plastic Frames, and with Ultimate Frames: https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/products/beekeeping-kits-rtg-boxes?priceFrom=0&priceTo=10000&keyword=&pageNum=1
  9. Removed that bullet point in both descriptions - someone very silly must have done that (me...)!
  10. MAQS+ will be available early November, all going well. The product is currently being used in International markets, but there have been no New Zealand trials as far as I'm aware. The formulation is only very slightly altered to extend the lifespan of the product, so there should be very little difference when using MAQS+
  11. Hi everyone, We have spoken to the team at Bayer and they are just waiting on their NZBees account to be approved, so they are able to update you on the situation. Regards, Lucy
  12. Hi @tom sayn We moved as fast as practically possible to inform our customers. Upon hearing from Bayer we assessed our inventories, explored other supply options and contingencies, and once we had the full picture we communicated with customers. You can expect regular communications from us throughout the shortage and once supply is restored.There is a small amount of remaining stock (unless it sold out yesterday) but you will need to call customer services. It sounds like something strange happened with your order so I will ask someone to give you a call this morning.
  13. Hi @Ali Any stock in New Zealand is fit for purpose. It is 4 shipments that were destined for New Zealand that have been stopped due to their rigorous testing in Germany.
  14. Hi Oma, The Bayvarol strips destined for New Zealand were stopped in Germany in the rigorous quality control there. All strips in New Zealand are completely on specification, and are fit for purpose.
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