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  1. Its 2 brood boxes. With very little honey in the brood. Plenty of pollen. Most of the frames in brood box have brood at different stages. There was about 2 frames ready to lay in the rest was full. I put on the 5th super yesterday. Which was 4 drawn and 5 un drawn The other 4 boxes are chocker full of honey and over 75% capped. I think they weigh a touch over 40kgs. If I wasn't going away I'd be trying to extract a couple of boxes. Last year this hive drew out 4 boxes of frames and I got 30+kg of honey off it. And its the same queen as last year I'm pretty sure. (I haven't actually sighted her for over a month) Hopefully that's a more suitable answer @yesbut
  2. Fresh air and sunshine. With a touch of comb, brood and some honey. I'm not sure what else you expected there to be in bee boxes?
  3. It was considered in the building process. Long story short it can take the weight. As platform is 4m long. And it has 3 bearing on 2x walls and one oversized beam. You can trust a builder to over build something
  4. Having hives on a shed roof is a good idea until you have to put your 5th FD super on a hive and need a ladder. At least I built a flat level platform. I'm disappointed that the cam locks aren't long enough for 7 boxes.. I had to find 2 strops to do the job..
  5. I struggle for time, but always make time as I know when happens when I miss things. I enjoy it and have someone to bounce things off, so that makes it easier to make time. I have 4 hives, and a couple of nucs (for when I #### up) and for me 4 is the perfect number. I know how long it takes to go through them, and have enough gear that doesn't fill up the garage. I don't know how others do it with more hives. I keep notes and at times still cant remember what happened last time I checked.
  6. I'm pretty sure you live a few blocks from me. If you want some help one way or another get in touch. I have a couple of nucs I don't need. Can possibly sort you with either a queen or nuc. Or happy to help out if your in a pinch
  7. I sort of did a mini split last week. When I took queen/bees and brood. Are you saying that the one cell I've left will swarm anyway? Even though by the time cell hatches the hive would have been queenless for a couple of weeks?
  8. If it was 2 or 3 cells I'd agree. There was about 3 in the centre of the frames. The rest where at the bottom of frames in the top brood box.
  9. So removing the queen/bees and some brood from a swarmy hive last weekend don't really have the desired effect. Checked today to ensure the one Q-cell I had left was still the only one. It wasn't. They decided to make another 10 to go with it. So I've wiped out 10 of them and once again left them with one. I'm surprised that even though I removed the queen they where still hell bent of swarming.
  10. What part of town are you in?
  11. Swarm cells in my strong hive yesterday so I've caved and decided to do a walkway split today. But as per usual. When your in a hurry you can never find the queen. But when your not looking or don't need to see her she practically walks in front of you. Went through the boxes 4 times before I friggin found her... Sigh
  12. But there could be over that number again of hives that fit the under 5 category. Don't get me wrong we have too many hives in NZ for the amount of land. Interesting reads @Grant
  13. Your not having much luck at the moment are you?
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