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  1. Hi all, I made some calls about donating my honey from last year's harvest to charity (a food bank), but ran in to (reasonable) issues since it was extracted in my home kitchen. All Tutin tested, etc, but not following an approved process. As a result, anything I get this flow will be surplus to requirements. Is there any feasible way around Wellington to extract a small number of boxes (I have 3 hives only), in a way which meets food safety standards for donation? Can someone, or does someone run a scheme where they extract, test and donate honey? Kind regards, Tim
  2. Hi all, I've thrown together a web-based tool for planning queen rearing, showing only the most important milestones that need to be attended to. Any feedback from those with more experience than me would be great. Please note this doesn't have any accounts, saved state, etc - it just sets up when key events and tasks will fall given a start date and lets you view it. You can print individual months, or download as an iCal file for import in to calendar software. http://qcal.goddard.nz Cheers, Tim
  3. Heya, just some thoughts from a geek. When you drop a pin in Google Maps it also gives you decimal degree positions, nothing to install, no settings changes required. If you click and hold on any spot, it will drop a pin there and show you a little pop-up at the bottom. In this case I have dropped the pin in what would be a presumably unpopular apiary site: I don't know what the agency likes, but while decimal degrees are fine for written media like emails, if you want to communicate a position over the phone you probably want either a "Plus Code" which you can also get from Google Maps by clicking on the coordinates to see the full info pane: Make sure to include the rough location with the code - in this case the "Wellington" bit. Plus codes are much shorter to communicate, and really easy to turn back in to coordinates (e.g. search for them on Google Maps). It's an open standard so anyone can implement the conversion. If you want something even easier, but unfortunately mired in licensing issues, What3Words is a very cool idea but rather litigious company.
  4. Please could someone give a newbie a history lesson? Sounds like people have been burned quite badly if people are reluctant to engage with things like this.
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