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  1. I shake my head and wonder.... When my supplier installed the bees for me, I was told that my neighbour would probably complain about the mess on his clothes line and that I couldn't have my clothes horse right behind the hive where it usually sat. This is one reason why I now question everything I am told about bees. The only time I have ever seen any sort of big bee poop was when I had to lock them down for the day while I went to work and then move them that afternoon. On my work truck bonnet...one huge mess. Its still there, but not so brown now. Strangely, nobody has ever asked me what it is. I have spent too much time watching bees and other insects, its a bit of a passion. I see them pooping while they are foraging. They fly off from their chosen plant, turn around, poop at a 45 degree angle and go back to their plant, same with paper wasps.
  2. Well, it really looks like its time someone did! Come on guys! Step up!
  3. Seems to me that you guys need to get together, cut out the middle man and start marketing your products yourselves. What do you have to lose?
  4. I dont say much on things like this cos I dont have your understanding and dont keep bees just for their honey, but I do feel for you and others in the same predicament and do wish I had a solution.....I did say at one point to add value to your product like, find a microbrewer and get them to make mead, but.... I do now wonder....last year, you guys were talking about the buyers not turning up like they used to...then what happened? Yep, I'm a bit controversial.
  5. ...and I deliberately left two works of art in Rua cos I wanted to learn first hand about swarms and the effects it has on the host(?) hive....only, they didnt swarm and dont appear to even have superceded either.
  6. Interesting. The only thing I dont do is decide when they need new Queen. I decided they know more about that sort of thing than I do, so I leave it up to them. So far, so good.
  7. My Apple and Avocado trees started flowering a few days ago, Yesterday, I spotted bees in the Avo. The lavender, Rosemary and Mustard are still pumping. Cheery tree has been flowering for a week now but havent noticed any bees over there, same with the Pear trees.
  8. haha so do mine. The lowest temp I recorded them flying at was early morning 7.5C...I went back to bed
  9. I wasnt being facetious when I asked this, I want to know why. I want to know what you see in these that I/we have missed.
  10. Whoop whoop, Dan did my official AFB inspections and both past beautifully. Rua does still have some mite issues, disappointing, but to be honest, they didnt look all that bad inside of the hive, well to me anyway....and thankfully no where near the amount of swarm cells or proper QC's like last year. Tahi looks like its about to take off rocket ride style, so this week will be seeing me setting up frames to checker board-this time of year so they can have all the drone brood they like which will get moved out over to the honey side. I've got my instructions for the next little while and cant wait to see how this year pans out.
  11. ....and of course, I just have to ask....why? why do you want aggressive bees? Why these ones? What do you see in them that I for one wouldnt want?
  12. Today was such a beautiful day, I lit my smoker...and it didnt go out til I put the stick down its gob,.... and inspect both hives. Both looking really good, nice tight capped brood, finally got to see a frame with the 'circle' of brood. I didnt get to see the Queens, but then I dont look too hard for her anymore, pearly white grubs, didnt see any eggs and I did try but to be honest, my hair kept getting in the way so from now on I will wear a head band.... nice looking caps in both hives even though I know one has mite issues at the moment it didnt show in the caps like it has done in the past. Lots of pollen and mmm a few frames of honey already starting to get capped. I still take too much time inspecting, but have isolated one issue that should help speed things up.... Long hives do not need that gap at the top of the frames, so I am thinking about how best to deal with this. Thinking of ways I can add a top bar-glue and screwed on, with a slight gap for the hive tool to wedge them apart.
  13. I have noticed that bees do Not always stick to a single source when they are working on the little stuff. eg today, collecting pollen from blue bells, then go onto the rosemary for nectar. I always keep a few thistles in the back yard just in case I need to make a restorative tea for some needy plant but they dont usually flower til mid summer. I did think they had pale yellow pollen, but cant remember, so I will have to make sure i note it down.
  14. Rosemary is still going gang busters, unfortunately, I didnt note in my diary when they started working on this. The Tuscon Blue variety is just starting to flower and already got bees on them, it will be interesting to see how long that goes for. Baby lavendar I got from Bunnings last year, now has a load on it all day.....compare that to the whole packet of Dwarf Munstead lavendar seed that I grew and after 3 years of flowering...1 bumblebee and looking dead for most of the year. Bluebells, a pollen source, nice big lumps same colour, sort of as the Rosemary, but at least twice the amount and all day. If you are thinking of planting trees as pollen sources, dont put in Italian Alder or Hazel- wind pollinated and the bees just are not interested.
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