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  1. Just very quick update and still no photos I'll put them up on the book of face. I've just finished doing the exotic pest monitoring on 10 of my own sites. Some interesting results first the bad one site was splits that had oxclic strips in November they for one reason and another they missed the treatments in February. Still little bits of strip on the top of the frames but that's all.Hives are now only really one box of bees 24 hr mite drop was bad lines of mites along the gaps but interesting about on par with some hives that had bav in the hives early Feb and removed after 8 weeks I only have the hive owners word on timing ECT. Hives in the high risk zones high hive numbers ie Rolleston treated Feb 24 hr drop low 2s and 3s one high of 10 mites hive size 3 to 4 boxes high full of bees. Still thin strips of ovaboard on frames. Lessons learned 1 one treatment per year is a pipe dream 2 strips put in February are still actively killing mites bace boards have layers of dead mites Survey 10 sites apairy sizes ranged from 4 hives to 10 . Area Kirwee to Rolly. Also I've got some time with Randy Oliver coming up anyone got any questions?
  2. Thanks it was the pump part I was wondering about I only feed nucs and some hives I want early drones from
  3. Any one try using a setup like this https://www.trademe.co.nz/business-farming-industry/farming-forestry/other/auction-2057580657.htm
  4. Yes Phil I was using 3 parts ox to 7 glycerin but using them on some hives with bad varroa that had only synthetic treatments the mite drop and hive health was not as quick as I would like. With my hives they didn't have the same problem as they already had a low might count. I don't have any problem with humidity ether wet or dry
  5. Results of early Feb treatments most hives 3 boxes of bees I think the amount of old bees in the hive keeps the cluster larger we had a brood less stage in April now seeing eggs and grubs. Can't add photos still learning new phone. Still running 4 parts oxclic 6 glycerin by volume getting 6 to 8 weeks out of the precut ovaboard strips. I've got some hives to check as part of disease monitoring so will take photos off the sticky boards as I will be able to do side by side between bav api and ox
  6. Hi Trev do you mind posting your update on the commercial beekeeping page on Facebook thanks.
  7. With all the pivots we may be in the middle of a green desert.
  8. It was a few years ago now Phill before Scott towels ect they work very well. I believe that there's more to it than oxcalic and glycerin sooked in overboard strips, but it's the closest thing I can get to it the new Gib packing strips things are in hives at the moment look good.
  9. EPA approval is required to sell the strips as a varroaside like other treatments. The name on the approval is not who we did the tests for but same stuff. As it's listed as a treatment it will be legal to use and sell it will be interesting to see the conditions of use doc as it's classed as a organic treatment in it's home country with little restrictions. Sorry for the late reply I was playing with some new toys
  10. Martha has started to jump out of 5 gear it was good for a giggle to start with but now is starting to pee me off do the 1996 Hilux gearbox's have a decent ball and spring or is half a million ks catching up on her
  11. Hi you are more than welcome to come out home look up kirwee bees on Facebook
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