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  1. Thanks for this Trevor, we built a small one (enough for one 20l container) and it works really well. Gonna build a bigger one now.
  2. What’s your best ways for heating honey in 10/20 litre buckets? And till what temp do you still consider it raw? And are you finding your forescasts accurately predicted a year later? This was 12+ when tested last year hoping for 17 now. Looking forward to opinions as we’ll all have different ways of doing this.
  3. Yes fair enough. How do you control varroa?
  4. Yes so maybe a re invasion issue as the brood looks good and there is no signs of DWV or PMS. I guess i still have to treat again otherwise im gonna have some issues soon? I used 1 strip per 2 frames of brood. They were in for 6+ weeks and were moved with the brood.
  5. No, they were ordered and put in a cool room for a few days and then they went in the hives
  6. Hi. I removed bayvarol from my hives 2 weeks ago and now when im doing my mite wash counts im finding varroa numbers from 6 to 100 on bee counts of 300. I figure this is resistance to bayvarol or a faulty batch. Im gonna put Apistan in all my hives. Based in Whangarei, but no issues like this on my Ngawha hives. Anybody got any comments to make on this. thanks
  7. Interesting idea. I don’t have access to one but it’s somrthing I will have a look into. My initial thoughts were to use a vibrator (sex toy) ?. Easily available, but the the thought of licking the honey off afterwards was just too funny so idea got ditched ?
  8. Hi Beeks. I got some very thixotropic honey out of my hives and after bottling it have noticed lots of air bubbles in it. I was hoping they would come to the surface, but they ain't moving. Anybody got any ideas on a way to make the air bubbles move to the surface? Thanks
  9. How do i get my supers (10-20) extracted in the Waikato area? I'd also like to be able to sell some of this honey? Thanks
  10. Nice work guys! So does one have to squash the comb to extract? How do you exclude the queen, if you need to? Can one have entrances on both sides? Thanks
  11. I'd like a suit that comes with its own shade and a light breeze
  12. And they're made in NZ! (y) Brilliant!
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