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  1. send me your email address and I will try to send you another link with the full video . Vimeo for some reason won't allow me to put the link up. https://vimeo.com/190422712 try that.
  2. Here is a link to the documentary by Sarah Height an former Otago university student. The documentary is looking closely into the use of Detector Dogs for the detection of AFB. The documentary was made in 2016 and is still highly relevant to current issue of how to detect AFB and the use the dogs.
  3. @Dennis Crowleyas it has been mentioned before it's not about the money! Its about getting the dogs recognized as acceptable tool. Its about having somebody saying :Ok let's do these trials and document it as required. But we do need a lead agency to have access to AFB materials ! Like MPI and / or AFB PMP Management Agency. Neither of them are interested.
  4. @JohnF, we have made several attempts of getting this process started but always have come to the point where we would need to AFB PMP and / or MPI be part of it. As we need to have access legally of clinical AFB etc. We do need a " lead agency ". But as mentioned before ...... @Jesseddog
  5. its never been about the funding/money. In my view its about using each others knowledge and skills developing a tool(s) that could beneficial for the cause and the support of the beekeepers. But I know what you saying @JohnFbut it would have been great having the leading agency (AFB PMP) involved in this. @Jesseddog Have a read of what the Australians have done. https://www.agrifutures.com.au/wp-content/uploads/publications/13-080.pdf
  6. this is just my point in what the Agency just stated. They are not even prepared to sit around a table and have a discussion about what has been done and what could be done together. At least at the beginning John Hartnell and his team at the time made an effort of trying to talk to people about the possible use of the dogs. Nothing is happening now. Good luck.
  7. Yes by our colleagues from Hamilton Jan and Rob Francis will give a demo. But the main issue in my opinion is that like the PCR test , the AFB Detector Dogs and the use of them to find pre clinical and clinical AFB has been here for at least as long I have been involved with this project witch is now coming up 9 years when we trained the first AFB Detector Dog dog for Richelle and @jamesc. So we are not introducing a new tool. We have lots of success stories / data where the dogs have inspected the hives and several days / weeks even month later the clinical AFB was found by the beekeeper. But also stories were the beekeeper just inspected the hives some days prior to the dogs checking them and the dogs indicated on 19 hives and 15 had clinical AFB ! We are only asking the agency to give us some guidelines to what would required to have the dogs recognized as part of a tool that is officially available for Beekeepers to use together with their regular and required inspections. But again after several attempts to have this discussion with the Agency we have achieved nothing! Adding to it all this MPI have made 2 attempts in the past to organize a trial for the AFB Detector Dogs! So in my opinion its a bit of a waste of energy to try to have another discussion about it if the agency is not even prepared to sit down and have a discussion about the use of the dogs in the past and present and what could be done to make them an acceptable tool for the Beekeepers to us to fight the AFB. Because as far as I can see , and I'm not a beekeeper you are not winning at this stage !!
  8. https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/get-sarah-to-boston In case some one would like to donate some of your hard earned money ?
  9. Not quite correct. Yes I suppose to deliver the dog Flynn that was doing the demonstration to the advertiser. However this did not happen. we had no involvement in the training of this dog Jack advertised on trademe.
  10. We have been training dogs to detect AFB for 9 years now and have gained a lot of experience and collected a lot information on where the dogs are good at and where they are not the ideal tool to help with the detection of AFB. Right from the beginning we were saying that the dogs are only an additional tool and we are still saying the same. Are they replacing the beekeepers in doing their inspections : no ! Are they better than a beekeeper in detecting preclinical AFB : yes! Is that important information for a beekeeper to know he / she has pre clinical AFB in the hives : yes in my opinion is there anything else available that can do the same job as a dog ? No It would certainly much easier and cheaper to have a small handheld phone / machine that can detect AFB or any other specific odour (narcotic, explosive, etc) But unfortunately at this stage the dogs are still the most reliable tool that is avalible world wide. Again we are not saying the that the dogs are the solution to this enormous problem called AFB but the are certainly in my opinion an very useful additional tool. (And by the way I’m not a beekeeper!) we are in the process of looking at other ways (like @JohnF) in improving the tool we are training / using. We still want to use the very sensitive nose of the dogs but in a more controlled environment and not having to battle against the elements (weather and especially the bees! ) if possible.
  11. We do have an operational dog based in Hamilton now. it would reduce the cost a bit . I would love to come up from Dunedin to do check some hives and do some fishing at the same time.
  12. This years again we were asked to give an Demonstration of the AFB Detector Dogs. At this stage the Demo will be on the 23rd July. We are going to be there with some of our dogs, come and say hello. Rene
  13. Congratulations @dansar, and nice photo of the AFB dogs
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