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  1. Already blossom trees in flower as well as the wattles, and rhododendrons.... back yard a balmy 21 degrees at 3 30 pm today..... roll on the season!
  2. Hi, we're in Oamaru, and Hubby's work is based in Timaru. Don't have topbars, but don't mind sharing info and ideas. Feel free to get in contact if you want.
  3. Yeah! Sorry @frazzledfozzle, don't mean to bring up painful memories, especially for maths! Not everyone's flavour of honey. : D
  4. Thank you for the replies. Really sorry about the vagueness of the question. I really don't have a specific area of interest, just data is required. Data on bees would be fantastic, I would take any other subject for data if anyone has it. The idea is that I get the data file, then I create an assessment linked to the NZ curriculum, and find the right standard on the framework of assessments for it to be tested against. So whether it is time series, bivariate or multivariate data, it is all wonderful. The students will choose their variables, draw graphs with statistical software, and then write analysis and a conclusion. Hopefully, the better students will research and find out about the contexts.
  5. Hello beautiful people, I'm heading off to write some mock assessments for NCEA, and thought I might make some that are bee orientated. Does anyone know of any NZ datasets that are in the public domain or that are able to be shared for education purposes? Links would be great. Cheers Emma
  6. And here I was worried about what the neighbors think when I go out in fashion heeled dress leather boots, my bee suit on with my pink jacket over the top! Got nothing on therm there forestry boots!
  7. Helped DH (Matthew) build new boxes and new frames last night with his new airgun thingy. It's not as cool as my Paslode Nail gun, but the nails are so super cute and tiny.
  8. when we got our swarm, we thought the same thing "oh look! they are all orienteering at the same time!" NOPE, they swarmed.... right to the bush next to the hive.
  9. She She has a lovely(?) pointy black beehind...... is that what she's meant to look like? Have never seen a queen until last weekend... and it was so obvious it was her! Saw her again today, for our weekly check up and photos of eggs. We were wondering how much smaller the population could get!
  10. We finally (felt like forever, but no idea if 3 weeks is long or short) have eggs!!!! We were starting to think our hive was either queenless, or she didn't have what it takes. Last week, we finally got enough warm weather to remove the now very empty feeder, and were greeted by her highness!!! so that answered the first part.... no brood to be seen, but lots of new comb made. We started with 100% new equipment, so things take time. And today, we found our first eggs! They look very new.
  11. Maybe they were put out to sunbathe to get some colour!
  12. Thanks @Desmo . Like you, we have not found a local mentor, and we have never had a close look inside a hive. Great site to learn from, until we get our "real life" experience. And I would like to second what @AeroviewBrewery said, and that's to have a folder in the media section of well labelled high quality photographs of what we can experience.
  13. Went home at interval from school as saw no activity this morning. I put the no activity due to rain. The sun was starting to come out and there were maybe 30 or so bees coming and going in a quiet fashion, and 10 on the hydrangeas next to the hive, cleaning themselves and each other.
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