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  1. most of the ones i looked at. an audit is not about how many bees per hectare or how many hives, but rather the makeup of the hive and its suitability to the crop.
  2. just had a quick read through. it doesn't actually state what standard the hive should be in. it only states stocking rates.
  3. just thinking on that, one major hurdle is what is the required standard? things like kiwi fruit have a lot of study done on it. a lot of other industries don't, or the recommendations are not shared etc. different beeks and different farmers all have different ideas on whats best.
  4. isn't that done on kiwi fruit orchards ? all the farmer has to do is to have it in his contract that hives are allowed to be inspected by a third party.
  5. yes please. boss can i borrow your credit card for a minute. looking at sensors at the moment as the cheap float switches have issues. one good thing of the Boutelje Centrifuge is it can handle sudden flow changes. the old spin float did not like flow changes one bit.
  6. i've never actually seen one. tho seen a similar thing with a progressive cavity pump. the thing i would want, is to make sure the size the bits come out is small enough. a mincer die on the the outlet might work. i never did get to try that out as we went a different direction and what little amount of big stuff we get goes through the press.
  7. thats about right. its been a requirement for testing for a long time, tho you could do the samples with the dripper method. however with the BS thats going around, the cost of testing is huge, so its a big $$ saving if you can do one test for 10 drums instead of 10 tests.
  8. what sort of heat exchanger is it exactly? really would like to see how you get a hunk of wax thats 50-100mm in size through a ~10mm tube. one thing i had thought about many years ago was to make a mincer. something to chop up those large bits of wax to a size that can go through a heat exchanger.
  9. you do not call a beek with 51 or even 100 hives a commercial beek, they are all part timers. under 200 is a semi commercial.
  10. i think the amount of commercial beeks is a lot less, but keep in mind its not actually beeks, its companies. $600k income would be only a small commercial outfits. trouble is i think the sources for that information is not exactly reliable, so it really only gives trends rather than factual data.
  11. sorry but i'm just to honest for that job.
  12. just unfortunate that we actually needed to. its ironic that our underfunded, under resourced and poorly managed early covid response actually resulted in the best course of action. absolutely brilliant piece of govt BS to call it "fast and early" when it was "slow and late" which forced us into lockdown. had we tried to do it like Australia has done, we would have ended up like everyone else. fortunately our systems where so crap that it completely failed and we had to resort to the lockdown, which was the best move.
  13. the catch with that is nz produces far more honey than nz can consume tho i'm not up on current consumption. it really needs to be international marketing as thats where most honey goes to. nz market tends to be a dumping ground for honey they can't sell overseas and its not uncommon for a big company to drop enough honey on the local market and drive wholesale price down to cost of production.
  14. the block should have a legal entry, possible an easement over another block. seen that issue locally where the neighbor blocks the road off because the road doesn't actually follow the easement, so technically its on private land.
  15. most likely it will be detected, but i doubt its because of your spraying.
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