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  1. I just harvested some if you’re interested. Ph number in profile. And I’m in chch ?
  2. The rain is stopping, sun beginning to shine, ti kouka is still blooming, Pohutukawa, kanuka and harakeke just starting and at least a weeks worth of good forecasts. Yay! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a bit of nectar to flow. And hopefully the latest batch of queens can now get out to meet the boys!
  3. Dear Diary, my truck stinks with all the pattie spatter this morning. Lot’s of unavoidable manipulations in the queen rearing yard in rotten conditions recently. Cold wet open hives makes the bees gruuuuuuumpy. Though I still go freehand in empathy with the girls ?
  4. My hives are in Hillsborough and the alerts are ‘within 2km’. Who knows which direction...
  5. Riding on the thread... Was woken by the 6.45am txt alert that no one wants to hear middle of last week. Bummer, within 2km. Got a phone call from an AP2 the next day wanting to check my nearby hives in the weekend. Okay, happy with that but a bit more worried... Next day was rudely awoken at 6.45 again. Bummer, same area. The inspector came and gave me a clean bill of heath. Phew. Woken again this morning... same area. Bummer. oh, and the inspector commented how strong my hives are... ?
  6. Drove through Sumner in the weekend and this is happening already!! (strangely, my photos are coming in sideways again today... wasn’t like that a few days ago)
  7. So, I had this happen today: I was putting on supers, so scraping down top bars, adding QX then super, then top feeder back on. I removed the ‘bee saver’ and look what I found! Close call
  8. Found my first swarmed hive of the season today and couldn’t locate the swarm. Pretty sure it was my fault... it was a big strong hive and I split it two and a half weeks ago. At the same time I put in a protected Qcell because I found what I thought was a single supersedeure cell (cut this down). Today all my other cells had mated but this hive was full of less than 10 day cells and no honey. Won’t be doing that again!
  9. Not quite the same thing but I once dragged my trailer for a few ks with the left wheel still chained up. Didn’t realise till there was 500mt of ripped up asphalt... ?
  10. Hi @Gerry, @Mummzie and @Maggie James, Busy times in spring - the hives are going crazy and I am continually running out of gear to throw at the girls! Geographically this photo was taken at the foot of the Port Hills, but as Maggie cleverly points out... I may be near cut flower crops and she is right. Right next door to my apiary in fact, so I would guess a florist might be able to tell us!
  11. There was some conversation about blue pollen previously... not sure what this is off but it was quite striking (not as vibrant in my poor photos)
  12. Nope. I’m still exclusively using staples. Very happy with the results on the whole. Splitting hives because they are bursting and putting supers on some just to give more space.
  13. Okay peeps, which would be better for keeping the temperature stable in a power cut? I guess I’m asking which would hold its heat better at 34 degrees... bottled water brick steel
  14. Superb! And generous. Where is Dairy Flat?
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