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  1. It's not the right time of year for reproductive swarming, I'd think they were supersedure. Sometimes spare bees build these cells and don't do anything with them. Some beeks call them play cells. The bees probably know something about their Q that you don't. You mention a Q cell with grub in it. If it was my hive I'd leave them alone to do their thing, maybe have another look in a couple of weeks..see what happens.
  2. No he means they're all intact and not open with boxes spread everywhere. Ie nothing needs doing urgently.
  3. I don't know if this is what you want to hear but I recall the site was once straightforward simple and intuitive. Last year or so it's gotten fatter with features no-one understands and steadily less intuitive. Going forward I vote for simplicity.
  4. More than one or two vines got shredded by the hail the other day I believe.
  5. One way to render rata a bit more palatable, blend it with flax.....
  6. Waddayou on about now, a patch of Rata or an ostrich ?
  7. You'd better be quick before James weakens & floods the market.
  8. In contrast to a lot of people I've had the most marvellous year ! Thanks to covid emptying a lot of roads down south the motorcycling has been very enjoyable, and also thanks to lockdown I've had a lot more to do with our local community, and thanks to Jacinda (take that Trev) my pension has kept rolling in.....not the tiniest grump from me. Happy New Year All.
  9. Are you still keen on this stuff in March when your gumboots are full of it ?
  10. Neighbours in court in the 'Naki.... Neighbours at war: Beekeeper blocked from accessing farm | Stuff.co.nz WWW.STUFF.CO.NZ A court has refused to intervene after a beekeeper's neighbour put a padlock over access to his land.
  11. So are MPI actively investigating using dogs ?
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