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  1. One thing I like about NZ Post Couriers is we can put queens out for collection in our rural letterbox and they are picked up every day. I'm not sure if other courier companies offer the same service? If they didn't we'd have to take them into the nearest depot every day and that becomes a hassle and interruption to the day.
  2. Thanks David. I agree they are usually pretty good. Its frustrating when Queens die though with all the care put into them. We send them in small cardboard boxes, with perforations in every side. I am intending to be up your way within the next month and also intend visiting a friend of mine (ex-Auckland) who works there with you..
  3. We send our queen bees out to customers using NZ Post Couriers. We pay for the postage online and print a label. Delivery is usually pretty good, next day or the day after. From time to time though there are significant delays in delivery which result in dead bees on arrival, and we incur the replacement cost. NZ Post's position is that they wont cover a loss on queen bee delivery, but I have read that some queen bee suppliers have entered into an arrangement with NZ Post such that if NZ Post loses a delivery / that there are significant delays resulting in dead bees then NZ Post covers that loss. Is anyone out there able to confirm if these arrangements do exist?
  4. I like pine needles they burn well and smell great but they burn out far too quickly for me. Hessian sacking for me, I get it from a coffee place and spread them out across the ground to age them for three or four months, bring them inside to dry. They can burn for many hours. I guess there are more coffee shops where I am than in the far North and the far South....
  5. Hives have been taking in plenty of pollen, wattle flowering here too way earlier than normal. Manuka doing its Winter flowering thing, have seen bees on it.
  6. You have an RMP so you are covered by that.
  7. I just went to produce finder and cant see how to create an advert. There are no buttons to push for that. Do I need to have a subscription first? If so maybe mention that on the page. I've just done a tally-up and the site still owes me 25kg clover honey and 15mins @ $ ? /hr for site debugging. (joke). ?
  8. I was told that if you have a RMP you are required to prepare an Edoc for every separate order of honey you send overseas....
  9. BK's need to be registered with MPI if you want to export honey. It has been in for about three years. If you have honey extracted and then sell it, and you haven't paid the $150ish? then the honey is not eligible for export. Your registration number needs to go on any harvest declaration. If you have an RMP to store honey, or extract and process etc, then you don't need to register - as it is covered under your RMP.
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