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  1. Use by 'the zombie apocalypse' should work then
  2. I have used a hot water bottle in a polybin with good success
  3. Collected my first one on Monday after a plea went out on facebook. Easy peasy, then pudding and pie.
  4. I used the Jenter system for the first time this year and was delighted with the results. Have tried the imitation Nicot ones from China and not been impressed with the results. Jenter seems to have the build quality (although it comes with a very hefty price tag) Yes both Jenter and Nicot are very restrictive in terms of timing and being lucky with the weather but for someone with less than 20/20 vision for grafting these solutions are excellent. Only really needed a four or so queens but ended up 23 cells which translated into 15 successfully mated queens (I'm happy with a 65% mating rate given the atrocious weather period here in Gizzy in the two weeks from when they emerged).
  5. Will do. Caught up with Steven Playle at the Tiniroto tavern a couple of weeks ago... might prove difficult in the future as the pub closed last weekend
  6. Rhododendrons are in full flower right now around Gissy and up my way at Tiniroto but only seen bumble bees on them despite having a couple of hives less than 200m away
  7. I understand that rhododendrons and azalea nectar is toxic to them.
  8. Yep got the 5km email alert yesterday, A 3km text alert this morning followed by the 3km email this morning. Reminds me of a Shona Laing lyric "radiation over Red Square"
  9. @Trevor Gillbanks Hi Trevor, would you be so kind as to PM me so I can order one of your stencils (I don't have enough posts to PM yet) Cheers
  10. Wasps have just started appearing at Tiniroto. Passed my vespex approved user course last week and now eagerly awaiting my first product order to arrive to dispatch the little ######s.
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