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  1. Unfortunately the soil in my paddocks is too acidic for white clover and summers too hot and dry for white clover. Our pastures in south west wa are primarily sub clover and rye grass so no good for bees. That is excepting the cape weed pollen. Have noticed that they work the crimson clover more in the mornings.
  2. They worked it last year, this year the Jarrah flow is pretty good and they work that for preference.
  3. Put some pasture mix in 3 years ago with a small amount of crimson clover mixed in. This clover usually does not persist but keeping the cows off it each spring seems to make a difference and it's really come on. Bees not working it much this year but I expect that is on account of the amount of jarrah blossom thats come out but it sure does look pretty.
  4. Lift about 1.8m and enough vloume to keep up with one 18 frame extractor, somin shot don't need much in the way of performance.
  5. Honey pumps seem to be crazy expensive and overpriced for what they are but I'm getting sick of the bucket brigade. Can any one give some tips on the lowest cost option other than a bucket?
  6. Australia is a very big country with wide range of climates and species of eucaliptus trees. The flavour of the honey from the various species is quite variable ranging from quite light in colour and mild flavours though to dark and strong in flavour. Sometimes there is variables within a species, for example some jarrah honey is very nice in flavour however the high activity jarrah (medicinal) also tastes (in my view) a bit medicinal. Have never found a eucalipt honey that tastes of eucaliptus, that is unless you munch on the leaves!
  7. The research paper in this link Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation is a pretty good guide on wax dipping.
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