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  1. @Wildflower here is an awesome resource too,seen better days but...
  2. Hey bro,how much wood do you run in your hives? I thought you would be completely,or close to,all plastic with an operation of your size.
  3. @Maru HoaniIs that flow a bit later than usual for up there?
  4. Thats something i havent seen in any of the queen rearing literature or videos iv been perusing of late! ?
  5. As has been stated,Manuka is a maori word and use of the term ' manuka' has been around for donkeys years referring to the bush ,scrub watever you want to call it.To say manuka was rarely heard around NZ,im not sure wat part of the country you were brought up in but iv known about since i was a kid. Now if you are referring to the honey produced from the manuka bush...thats a different story as im not a long time beekeeper and i dont know what they referred to it back in the day. As far as I'm know,the honeys produced from the lepto scoparium are very similar if not the same and in my view,thats not the arguement,its the naming of that honey that is and because this particular honey was researched,proven and marketed by NZ as the new superfood under the name 'Manuka' we should have all rights to it. Im guessing aussie has always produced this honey,however they werent calling it manuka until NZ cracked it.
  6. Ahh looks like rookie mistake with the protectors,thats kool...note taken,only necessary when adding cells to queenright hives. A bit better planning on my part as far as where hives n mate nucs are going to be located, the use of single mate nucs instead of double ended ones and maybe even purchase a small cell carrier (ChrisM model) and i may increase my queen hatching success! Thanks whanau for your wisdom..time to start planning next graft!
  7. Hi Frazz,no i didnt check the cells in anyway,is that wat they mean by candle light the cells? So,i pulled 2 of the unhatched cells apart and found a pupae that looked pretty much developed but was white in colour. Next round of grafts,i will not use protectors to rule those out of the equation. Now that you mention chilling also,maybe my nucs had more workers than nurse bees? I dont think they were handled rough....maybe i was.
  8. Morena ,looking for reasons why 5 of my queen cells didnt hatch after being put into mating nucs so i can reduce my chances of it happening again? Mating nucs were made up and transported to apiary and in one of them,i put the cell frame in. When nucs were set out,i pulled the cell frame out and proceeded to fit cells into protectors.Then each cell was located onto the middle of a brood frame ,closed together and left there.Cells were 10 day old. Did i damage them fitting the protectors? Not enough nursee bees and they may have got cold? Damaged in transport? To the experienced queen producers,your knowledge on what i may have done or didnt do would be greatly appreciated .
  9. From 11 cells,6 hatched and 5 didnt. And from the 6 that did,5 mated. So,i had these double ended nucs made up for me and have realised,that idea wasnt the best.Bees could easily cross over once the lid was off. I added cell frame to one of the nucs as i transported them out to apiary.Once there,i removed the rail and proceeded to add cell protectors,then insert cells into each nuc. As you can see,the 5 that didnt hatch were still inside the cell,i pulled them out and they looked fully formed but whiteish colour. Thoughts on why they didnt hatch? I wondered,did i affect them in transport or when i pushed them into the protectors? Please advise,so i dont repeat.
  10. Well iv been through the mating nuc process and today,have 5 mated queens laying up a storm.
  11. Hey bro,are those 1/2 depth boxes or feeders?
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