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    Pollen bath

  2. They’ve smarten up nicely @dansar. Good workmanship ?
  3. The make over look. Fresh coat of paint, does wonders
  4. New season new beginnings We missed the bees. 2 Nucs arrived by courier post 7/10, unpackaged, left to settle on their new site and then transferred to their make over boxes later that afternoon. Both marked queens sited. Good bee activity noted. You know that the bees have been miised when....Significant other text me at work “I can hear bees in the tree above the new chickens coop”
  5. @M4tt Am I correct in thinking you destroy these cells... rather than taking another split off them?
  6. @Wildflower there is a very good oxalic acid and glycerine thread, on the forum. It provides plenty of information @cBankhas done a very good summary document
  7. As is so often said... nothing is constant and there is always more to learn with bees. Year 5 of beekeeping starts in November It’s been an interesting winter. I was concerned about the reduced bee activity, the nuisance of wasps and then noted robbing from 1 of the 3 hives. This hive was to be moved to a more favourable location for the sun aspect. The bees made it easy for me, as I merged this weakened FD hive mid July with the other stronger FD, using the QE/ newspaper method. Time to start the spring checks... My favourite 3/4 hive has had plenty of bee activity all winter. I had left it at 3 boxes high. On checking, they have now reduced the staples over winter to powder. They have a full 3/4 box of 10 frames of capped honey, 1 empty box of clean frames and the middle box of stores, slabs of capped brood, lots of well behaved bees and a busy queen.No drone brood or play cups.Nothing for me to be concerned about. Sugar shake revealed X1 varroa. New staples placed on frames 3,5,7, and 9 on alternating sides. Fresh hive base, boxes cleaned up, spring cleaning complete. The hive inspection confirmed the happy bee activity I had observed. The merged hive..you win some and you loose some... The bees had chewed through the paper.. no sign of the merged queen, no brood, no stores... hmmm Bottom box... needed sorting out, evidence of old supersedure Q cells Time for some frame replacement and to reduce them down to X1 box. New base board, clean box and then to sort out the frames. Sugar shake = no varroa. Interesting their staples were pretty much intact, but due for replacement. Stores, brood and old queen...good bee numbers. A few frames over..another unmarked queen. Initially I thought the merged queen had squeezed through the QE. However, she was a stripey red dot marked queen. This is a black unmarked queen. Also the supersedure cells would indicate a new autumn mated queen. Interesting. Nothing like a bit of beekeeping to keep you thinking on your feet...what to do?. Old Queen with brood, plenty of bees, stores and 2 new staples were moved further along. The new queen, stores and drawn out frames were reduced to a Nuc box and left on the old site... There is now plenty of noted bee activity from all 3 hives... Significant other said today... you’ve still managed to maintain 3 hives
  8. https://i.stuff.co.nz/motoring/113716572/the-cleanest-and-dirtiest-car-brands-in-new-zealand Maybe this?
  9. Please don’t we’d miss your input..
  10. Hmm ? @yesbut seems @Trevor Gillbanks Bet you to it an hour ago ?
  11. We received a phone call from Assure quality to advise we had been randomly selected for exotic disease testing...and they would set traps on the hives. Did we still have 3 hives and would Monday 16th be ok? Wednesday would have suited me better as I would have liked to be on site. I arrived home to a notice on one of the hives...initial panic ( I always think worse case scenario). On checking it was information that strips and sticky boards had been placed in the hives and would be removed in 24 hrs. Contact names, an email address and phone numbers. Himself, had arrived home as they were working the 2nd hive. Curious, I asked what the beeks had said. The only comment they made was in regard to one of the hives. “ There are supersedure cells in the bottom box on the 3rd frame, you’ll need to get onto that/deal with it” This had been noted in my Bee diary on the 5th April and I had seen fresh eggs, larva and capped brood. I hadn’t looked very hard to find the new queen, as I considered the hive knew what it was up to. I had left the cells intact and reduced the entrance down. Puzzled by the comment I checked with @M4tt for reassurance . Is there anything I should be doing? Do you tear down the empty hatched queen cells? I took a photo the notice and have since searched for more information. Assure quality has very little information about exotic disease testing on their web site. There was more to be gleaned from old forum threads found on this site. I welcome having our hives thoroughly checked and ideally would have liked to have been home. If I hadn’t taken a photo with the contact information I would have no record of the visit. The ‘traps’ were removed in 24 hrs and no further information left. The hives were left very tidy and looked as though they had been undisturbed. I presume no news is good news?
  12. Welcome @MissOlivia take @M4tt advice, stick around the forum and learn from some great bee keepers
  13. Update on the lavender patch We’ve been mulching and weeding. The plants are surviving the dry conditions.
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