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  1. Pulled a heavy load of honey off coast bees last week. Just hanging out for the sun in Canterbury.... Tipped 30 ml of rain out of the guage this morning.
  2. PS .... Mr Blueskie?s suggested more of the same East coast cloud and drizzle for the next six weeks ..... lotsa rain north of Kaikōura , including NorthIsland ..... bit of sun on the coast.
  3. Pulled a heavy load of honey off coast bees last week. Just hanging out for the sun in Canterbury.... Tipped 30 ml of rain out of the guage this morning.
  4. Hear no evil, see no evil ..... one or two obviously swarm but we never hear about it , and generally pick up the issues as we disease check taking honey off.
  5. The other little job I did today was check a swarm I picked up before Christmas. It was on a fencepost next to some hives we had in pollination. The cocky was a bit worried that he had paid a bit if coin for a hive that had swarmed. So I was relieved to see the queen had a blue dot on her thorax We do ‘nt mark queens, so it must be one if the neighbours.
  6. Did some real work today, making a start on htaking off pre season crop, ready for main crop clover. We break the hives down, disease check, place an empty box above the queen excluder, then stack the full boxes up above the feeders. The feeders act as an escape, so hopefully no bees on friday.
  7. We will do . We try to keep the different types of honey seperate .... mainly by area ..... so vipers will probably have clover as well. Homogenised of course.
  8. We have a paddle in the sump beneath the uncapper. Extractor honey and cappings meet in the sump and get mushed before getting pumped through yhe heat exchanger to the hummer. works ok Here’s another gadget i saw at j brooks yesterday.... an ultrasonic switch that controls a variable speed sump pump. The faster the honey flows into the sump, the faster the pump rotates.$1100.
  9. Homogenisation ..... When extracting honey we might do a run of 200 boxes in a day . We run yards of 48 hives to a yard, so potentially there are 150 boxes per yard that go into the bulk tank. The bees have already homogenised the brew .... they all came from the same area, right, but buyers are reluctant to buy unless you can say you have stirred the whole tank off ten drums, for as we all know honey settles in layers and each drum might be a little different, and the additional 50 boxes ,might be totally different .... heaven forbid, low quality Manuka. So the stirrer unites everything and makes crap honey good honey. One sample covers ten drums and gives the packer certainty of what they are buying and keeps their testing costs down. It is what it is. But hey, if you want the big bucks for your product, you need to supply what the market wants. Right. Yeah. And if you want the low bucks, seems like you still gotta do it.
  10. For a minute I thought Philbee was out of detention and back !
  11. I've been away for a few days .... doing the migratory migration thing. On my return, in the office is a mug shot of JC with a reward offered of $1000 for any sightings ..... very funny, not. No sooner home and check the cleaning crew in the extraction room and I went off to see my mate. My mate does stainless fabrication. The buzz word for the year is Homogenisation ..... every one wants homogenised honey, so we've set too to upgrade the homogenisation process in the bulk tank. I like stainless man. He's of Polish descent, and loves a Steinlager at smoko. He has a sense of humour that revolves around Beer, Bikes and Babes . We get on quite well. I told him I wanted a Homogenising paddle for the bulk tank. He sent me away to town for bits, which included an electric motor and a right angle reduction drive that has an output of 14rpm. The price of the goodies gobbled up one pollination cheque. I went back to his workshop and talked Bikes and Bizzo. Generally his craftsmanship gobbles up another pollination cheque. The box of beer I provide doesn't seem to alter the price. And as I drove home, I reconciled to myself that if the bees go in the hole this year ..... @southbee might get a bargain on a honey tank homogeniser.
  12. So there is truth in the moral that 'A watched kettle never boils' .
  13. I’d be pretty happy with that....but like they say.... you can always stack the numbers to fit the cause. Going by those numbers I should have about $2,000,000 worth of product sitting in my shed.... and more coming in by the day. Me thinks some of these guys who write the reports should be given a shovel and ride the trolley to the coalface.
  14. Can some please explain where MPI are getting their figures from ...quoting an export price for multiflora honey at $20/kg. Is that multiflora manuka .... and are they not hrave enough to quote clover export prices.... just curious.
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