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  1. I don't want to go deeper in that as we are talking about honey price, Just a bit hehe.He talks about being in the middle of this well I believe it has not even started his article is based on 16 month. No one can say this, still we don't know much about the virus how it will mutate. He should have mentioned why the gold price is going down? Investors have to "meet margin calls in other markets, the big institutions need to sell their portfolios which are not physical gold. This is alway only happen when the stock market prepares to collapse. As. the FED lowere d the interest rate by 50 points which is the biggest I ever have seen at ones the market went up for 15 minutes and collapsed afterwords. Ther is no holding in the end there will be only some with the real big money come and buy. Bank holiday is not interest free so a lot of people will be deeper in the poo afterwards as the loan will be significantly higher so more money is needed to pay back. As there is certainly a high unemployment rate, more and more credits will blow up. New Zealand depends on a lot of imports as well. I don't believe the figures from China don't forget China is a dictatorship you have to go and work and if some die they die. India never will be able to stop this they have more than 500 million people living on the streets. If there is a vaccination it needs to be produced in unbelievable amounts from where will the ingredients come (China India) how long will it take to distribute the serum. We talk about years. I am happy if I am wrong but this what I think.
  2. Why we will not see a honey prices going up! I could be wrong but look around you. Panic at the stock markets complete sell out. The whole world is in an full stop .No one can sell something except food there are no goods the shelves are empty. Companies can't pay rent, privat people can't pay rent the housing market will collapse no bank will give a credit as they know they are already broke. This is quite interesting in this connection (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-11/blackstone-urges-its-companies-hurt-by-virus-to-tap-credit-lines). Retail trade does not exist any more Adidas Puma HM all the big retailer announced on friday they don't pay rent anymore. Mass unemployment will follow it started already. The health system will be broke. The precursors are more bad than 1929, and on top of it there is still a virus and a collapsed healthsystem. Manuka Honey is a premium product most people take it because it's trendy. I believe for a long time people will have economic problems and things like Louis Vuitton, Prada and so on will not be that important any more. The world will see a reset and people will be focused on the real things in live.
  3. Currently you see 15 to 20% price reduction across Germany. Where does your information come from?
  4. This morning I was wondering if bees had swarmed unbelievable humming in the garden could not find the swarm but could hear it. It was still daybreak and of course very unusual that bees would swarm at this time or even going after nectar. Actually it was nectar, after a while I could figure out that hundreds of bees where crazy on the agave blooms. They must have smelt so strong last night that the bees could not wait any longer. So wonder how Agave honey would taste.
  5. can you please check the licence plate please? if they came from up north :>)
  6. They surely don't come back, I see them sometimes coming back from the first mating flight you can see the mating sign two days later they are gone. Normally I had mating success 75/80%. It's just this year.
  7. No nothing like this, we are at a great place no electrosmog .
  8. Yes some like my queens and I am a bit in back lock. :>) Hope with the next lot my rate will be normal again. Tristan are you at home today. Would like to pop in.
  9. I manage to get really nice fat queens, thats why it is so disappointing when they don't come back. I really thing it's a bird issue as a flog of myna birds hanging around the mating yard. I have an other 60 to hatch next week until than I should have no Mynas anymore.Wonder if this makes a difference.
  10. I thought as well the weather but since the last 4 weeks weather up here was nice, a bit of a breeze from the ocean. Very seldom Dragonflies around here. I am running 3 nice drone hives and have commercial beek not that far from here so hopefully drones are not that problem. What has changed here is the amount of Myna birds and Sparrows will take kare of this ones now will see if this makes a difference. Thanks for the information.
  11. Queens don't come back from mating flight. Since spring I have a 70% rate of queens not coming back from mating flights. Sometimes I see them coming back from first flight then they dissapear on the next flight. This goes on since spring. We are far away from traffic so I think they can't get killed by cars. Any ideas?
  12. It goes very fast not as much suffering as gasoline or poison. You can get the stripscan in winery supply.
  13. In Germany they use Sulphur Strips, they are killing faster than gasoline and kill quickly the brood as well . It is used in the evening when all the bees are back and there is no problem with fire regulations. In Europe it is common to sterilize the poly hives with caustic soda after AFB.
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