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  1. Tried to PM you but couldn't Hopefully I haven't frightened you off! If you can be bothered to come out this way,you will need directions. Just Incase you decide yes here is my number
  2. Wow! Lovely offer. I would love that. Having said that,I am in a muddle. I have a spare 10 frame box and 5 xtra spare frames and a box with no handles!!! Hopeless!! .My plan was originally to steal from another hive that I was trying to transfer into FD. Then nearly broke my ankle... then hand. Sorry I am suddenly very overwhelmed and useless! We could at least put one box on? Check to see who is most desperate? I also have one hive that would love to see if they made a queen or not? Absolutely any help would be oh so appreciated.
  3. Oh thankyou. No they are mostly good. Except I have 2 single boxes that will need another box,and I haven't figured out whether I can get beesuit on yet? The idea of a bee going into my cast is aweful.?
  4. What do you mean by closed up? Should I be blocking entrances a little to reduce chance of robbing/ wasps etc.?
  5. I am at afterhours surgery and it has just been confirmed I have a broken hand and will need cast 6 weeks. ????? My first concern is my bees. I am in Eyewell North Canterbury. Pix of my hives are on the forum. Can anyone help me please?
  6. You'd better be quick before James weakens & floods the market. I have seen a few hives for sale in my area on Trade Me. So more than likely I will still have this bunch in Spring!! At least I am not short of a bee or two at mo.?
  7. FD box with grotty frames has been successfully adopted by the Queen and her workers.I now have a rediculous amount of bees and brood that I can happily sell.....Or can I?? I have to keep reminding myself that I want to get rid of my FD gear!!! Got covered in bees and got the giggles. Husband reluctantly took a photo from a VERY long way away.? Now the question is. Will I get around to selling it? I am not sure what would be a fair price if I do? 3/4 of the frames are really good. Boxes are fine. As of today there were 7 very full frames of capped brood,but one has reasonable amount drone. ( one of the bad frames) I would only sell the FD boxes.
  8. I am always ready to welcome a New Year. Love it.? Sky was clear last night.Moon still reasonbly full. Had a bunch of friends and neighbours around and lit the outside fire. (An old washing machine bowl ) And yes it is supposed to be Summer! In bed at 3 and up at 8 with not a smidgen of a hangover. Now a decent days work is behind me, I have quietness at last and life is good.? Wishing everybody a fantastic 2021.?Bee happy, bee kind and have lots and lots of fun.
  9. On that note....What does your honey look like?
  10. Oh and I had three frames of dark. 2 medium brown frames that I sware tasted of rosemary and my usual liquid gold that looks like sun in a jar. ?
  11. Straining the last of my sticky Xmas gift from my bees. Means not much to many but heaps to me. Can't bare wasting a scrap. Every drop is a bees hard work. Just the last slow dribble to work it's way through the tasty (yep) cappings that clog up my strainer. Two buckets,a 3 frame hand spinner, some stickiness, and a happy woman.
  12. ⁸ Gotcha. I prob write a song.... make some soap or such like. Well done.
  13. Where's that verse from jamesc? Yours?
  14. It's on the hive now Trev. Suspect lesser wax moth. If I see destruction that the bees can't cope with. Then I will freeze the frame. This is where it is lucky to be just a hobbiest.
  15. Missed this bit. WARM schnapps? Like a mulled wine? Damn. Sounds nice. ( Sorry ......bee forum!!)
  16. I actually thought I had frozen them? I have never seen the wax moth grub until now. Seen the damage though! The BIG one was a beauty,huge beast head deeply buried in cell...and the little one? Well on it's way to being a big monster. Very little webbing. Hey. You are right. What do I have to lose? Will check out life cycle of wax moth and other than than keep an eye on hive. Thanks Trev.
  17. Decided to get use of my last 10 old FD frames to make space in garage. They had some honey and pollen in them and were stored in plastic container. Plan is/was? to give them to my only hive that also has a full depth brood box to potentially sell it and get rid of FD gear. When looking through frames I saw one giant moth larvae (what ever you call it)and one small one. Pulled them off and dusted off small patch of webbing. Maybe an inch and half or so. Hoping bees clean up frames and Queen makes a good job of making it her second home so I can sell. (Cheap 'cause 10 of the FD frames are ugly looking) Wondering if wax moth eggs are present on that frame? And can the bees keep that in check?
  18. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you also Goran. Don't look back......Love it.❤
  19. It is even better when they have 'Vegan' in huge letters tattooed on arm,then the start eating meat again! ? As a younster,I was vegetarian for 20yrs. I got sicker and sicker. As with all things,balance is the key.
  20. also: from scramble. .. hi everyone, I spose this is my first post, I've been lurking for ages. From Wildflower... Nice to hear from you scramble. ?
  21. O.M.G. Just noticed. 5 yrs ago you posted this!
  22. O.M.G.??????? I do let myself swat the odd nasty bee. But these bees are bringin' in the honey big time. (nothing else to do!) I am going to nail this bit of trouble! Not quite sure how yet? Alastair?
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