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  1. Tried to PM you but couldn't Hopefully I haven't frightened you off! If you can be bothered to come out this way,you will need directions. Just Incase you decide yes here is my number
  2. Wow! Lovely offer. I would love that. Having said that,I am in a muddle. I have a spare 10 frame box and 5 xtra spare frames and a box with no handles!!! Hopeless!! .My plan was originally to steal from another hive that I was trying to transfer into FD. Then nearly broke my ankle... then hand. Sorry I am suddenly very overwhelmed and useless! We could at least put one box on? Check to see who is most desperate? I also have one hive that would love to see if they made a queen or not? Absolutely any help would be oh so appreciated.
  3. Oh thankyou. No they are mostly good. Except I have 2 single boxes that will need another box,and I haven't figured out whether I can get beesuit on yet? The idea of a bee going into my cast is aweful.?
  4. What do you mean by closed up? Should I be blocking entrances a little to reduce chance of robbing/ wasps etc.?
  5. I am at afterhours surgery and it has just been confirmed I have a broken hand and will need cast 6 weeks. ????? My first concern is my bees. I am in Eyewell North Canterbury. Pix of my hives are on the forum. Can anyone help me please?
  6. You'd better be quick before James weakens & floods the market. I have seen a few hives for sale in my area on Trade Me. So more than likely I will still have this bunch in Spring!! At least I am not short of a bee or two at mo.?
  7. FD box with grotty frames has been successfully adopted by the Queen and her workers.I now have a rediculous amount of bees and brood that I can happily sell.....Or can I?? I have to keep reminding myself that I want to get rid of my FD gear!!! Got covered in bees and got the giggles. Husband reluctantly took a photo from a VERY long way away.? Now the question is. Will I get around to selling it? I am not sure what would be a fair price if I do? 3/4 of the frames are really good. Boxes are fine. As of today there were 7 very full frames of capped brood,but one has reasonable amount drone. ( one of the bad frames) I would only sell the FD boxes.
  8. I am always ready to welcome a New Year. Love it.? Sky was clear last night.Moon still reasonbly full. Had a bunch of friends and neighbours around and lit the outside fire. (An old washing machine bowl ) And yes it is supposed to be Summer! In bed at 3 and up at 8 with not a smidgen of a hangover. Now a decent days work is behind me, I have quietness at last and life is good.? Wishing everybody a fantastic 2021.?Bee happy, bee kind and have lots and lots of fun.
  9. On that note....What does your honey look like?
  10. Oh and I had three frames of dark. 2 medium brown frames that I sware tasted of rosemary and my usual liquid gold that looks like sun in a jar. ?
  11. Straining the last of my sticky Xmas gift from my bees. Means not much to many but heaps to me. Can't bare wasting a scrap. Every drop is a bees hard work. Just the last slow dribble to work it's way through the tasty (yep) cappings that clog up my strainer. Two buckets,a 3 frame hand spinner, some stickiness, and a happy woman.
  12. ⁸ Gotcha. I prob write a song.... make some soap or such like. Well done.
  13. Where's that verse from jamesc? Yours?
  14. It's on the hive now Trev. Suspect lesser wax moth. If I see destruction that the bees can't cope with. Then I will freeze the frame. This is where it is lucky to be just a hobbiest.
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