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  1. Vintage antique scales WWW.TRADEME.CO.NZ Vintage antique scales for sale on Trade Me, New Zealand's #1 auction and classifieds website @Kiwi BeeHere is one on TradeMe
  2. @Kiwi BeeI think it was $80. The seller was local so I was able to pick it up.
  3. I thought @Wildflowerwas saying there was no lava flow after the earthquake.?
  4. Catlins Honey is a supplier in Invercargill https://www.catlinshoney.co.nz/index.html
  5. They asked not to send payment with order so cashflow mustn't have been a problem then.
  6. Home | Catlins Honey NZ WWW.CATLINSHONEY.CO.NZ
  7. Before these new varieties and modern controlled atmosphere storage, the sturmer was the last apple to be released onto the market by the then NZ Apple & Pear Marketing Board. They were good keepers and even when they became wrinkled and soft, they were still good to eat, not like the varieties that are available now that go brown and floury if left out of the fridge for too long.
  8. Sterile queens will not be very useful.
  9. Book a 2 week cruise and you might get 4. That would be a bargain although the last 2 could be a bit boring.
  10. Private use adjustment in accounts??
  11. I remember those sack days too, they were 70 kg and took 2 people to load onto the trailer . We then move to packing for the supermarkets so went down to 10 kg and eventually to 5 kg bags and they were stacked on a pallet and loaded on to truck with a forklift. How thinks have changed just like in beekeeping, using helicopters to fly hives to sites.
  12. When we grew potatoes we used a bag sewing machine to close the paper bags. The 20 kg bags were 2 ply so the machine was sewing through 4 layers. There was dust from the paper, dirt off the potatoes and there was a lot of fluff that came off the thread too. We kept the machine well oiled and ti worked trouble free .
  13. Have a look at this one. He has interchangeble forks to lift pallets or individual boxes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFgrKALVT-8
  14. I suppose you see red when when you hear someone say "I seen them checking their hives today".
  15. If an explosive manufacturer has an accident they would most likely go up in smoke and there would be no on going costs. If a beek puts their back out there will be doctors & physio costs and it can be on going for many years because every time he has a sore back and visit the doctor they could say it was that old injury and so ACC has to fork out. Professional sports players are the worst. They are young and so if they have a bad injury ACC could be paying for a long time.
  16. This is Rene Gloor giving a demonstration at the Dunedin Bee Club a few year ago.
  17. Reporting is also useless. You should be able to get a report on exactly what animals you have recorded at any point in time (like your bank account) but you can't. You can only get a report on what you have as of today. If you look at some farmer's NAIT records they could have animals on there that have been killed/died years ago. Freezing works don't help either because all they require is a tag on the animal to process it so if it loses it when in transport the driver can simply get one out of the cab that he has picked up when cleaning his truck, put it on the animal, and everything is hunky dory.
  18. The income from sales then comes into the tax net so they can clip the ticket on the way through.
  19. In today's ODT. This day in 1939. Seems like history is repeating itself but no mention of climate change at that time.
  20. Not a climate change denier. Climate is changing , I remember walking home from school as a child and skating on the frozen puddles on the side of the road after a week of continuous frosts. Don't see that anymore.
  21. We spent millions planning for the millennium bug and now we will be spending millions on climate change. Meanwhile climate change will just blow across the Tasman and the government would have achieved as much as King Canute in trying to hold back the tide.
  22. No money in beekeeping when I only have 7 hives that's why I have a day job and the iphone comes with that. If weather doesn't improve shortly then there won't be any honey this season either.
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