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  1. the aussie beeks (*want to) believe manuka is the aboriginal word for all tea trees.
  2. we’ve just started harvesting, early sites look to be 1/3 down on last year. Im not confident we’ll get mono this year. The manuka didn’t flower in the hills here at all. Down in the wet areas it was a strong flowering but kanuka had a good flowering everywhere. Time to tighten the belt I think.
  3. That must feel like a bit of a kick in the teeth after all the work and $$ you put into your program. it’s a shame mpi didn’t support you then and we could be years down the track with this research.
  4. one things for sure, if anyone got 31+ they won’t be talking about it. how long would a 20+ take to grow out to 31+ ? if it could
  5. That’s possible. I think it could be more about the tourist market they target. Tour bus load at a time
  6. i’m pretty sure that would be illegal here, even if you signed.
  7. i was blown away i was the only one who refused to sign. (or so he said) hes in the south island and said no other beek had a problem with not feeding and the 6km glyphosate barrier. We only have bush here and it doesn’t yield any nectar or, more importantly pollen, for 4-5 months of the year yet we’re warm enough for the queens to continue laying. if we didn’t feed syrup and pollen sub our bees wouldn’t get a crop. yes we’re really careful about c4 especially as we have manuka so already risk getting elevated C4 scores.
  8. we’ve had one company that buys a small amount of our honey ask us to sign a supply doc stating we won’t site our hives within 6km of any area that uses glyphosate. i realise i could just sign and say as far as we know that the case but that’s not how his contract is worded and i’m not keen to sign something knowing i can’t be 100% sure, i don’t control what others do on their own land. There were other things like not feeding any syrup and not moving hives just to get a crop. i think it’s just a feel like good marketing doc to show potential buyers. When i questioned how any beek could sign the agreement i was told plenty have.
  9. we had a heavy bloom last year too which wouldn’t help.
  10. thanks. i’d love to know more about the biology of manuka so we can predict the flow better. we really only have manuka and kanuka in any great quantity so if we miss the manuka it’s a pretty lean season for the bees. it’s better not to stimulate the hives to get them ready for a flow that never turns up.
  11. Does anyone know what conditions make or wreck the Manuka flower ? Only the Manuka in wet areas has flowered here this year. Up in the hills only kanuka has been flowering with the odd valley floor of Manuka putting on a good show. I was wondering if it could have had anything to do with last years drought ?
  12. we normally have some cross over but this year the kanuka seems to be having a heavier and earlier flowering than usual.
  13. where we are it usually manuka and then into kanuka. this year the kanuka is already flowering and the manuka is just getting going.
  14. what about a share agreement with another beek ? they tend the hives for % of the crop ? or trade tending hives with present owner taking large percentage of this years crop for buyout of hives, could be a good way for a young beek to get started.
  15. or name and sue for loss of income.
  16. i believe active honey could/should be sold on an activity scale, not varietal name. its the non peroxide activity the consumer is buying regardless of the floral source. UMF would have been perfect to use but once it was copyrighted and we had to pay huge $$ to use the letters the door closed on that option for the small family businesses.
  17. we definitely need to get a website. i’m useless at such things. will have to ask one of the kids .
  18. A bit of pirate beekeeping over the weekend and we’re just about finished the first round of supering up, thats quite early for us.
  19. I was told by an (I think) Mpi scientist that lepto scoparium originated in Aussie. Her opinion was anyone had the right to claim it Aussie would. The sticking point is who called it Manuka first.
  20. That’s rough, maybe I’ll see you at one of Maggie’s grafting tutorials. ??
  21. I took a mum and 3 girls beekeeping today. They’re keen to get hives but wanted some experience and advise. This little one was amasing. They started out in a full suit but by the end of the day all three sisters had their heads in every hive without any gloves, hood or suit. Tasman and her sisters were so relaxed around the bees, they didn’t get one sting between the three of them. She probably ate close to her body weight in honey, sugar crystals and syrup. We all had a fab day.
  22. @Trevor Gillbanks, @Alistair you we’re both right. I checked the cell builder today and found old queen and a lovely big young one too. @Maggie James gave me some great advise and my next graft was 8/20.
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