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  1. The taste wasn’t really there and fairly runny no real globes of jelly , picking it going to be a low grade multi
  2. $32 , pricing bracket 10+ or 15+ Not sure what the price for 15+ with that company is . Mono , be a few years since I’ve had mono
  3. To be fair I have just sold some mono 10+ on a long term payment plan , not my normal buyers . They don’t want to know at present. Lots of bush to add to pile of drums in the shed , there’s only so much feed honey to keep ,still got some left over from last season
  4. Supering run to coromandel yesterday, some nice boxes of maybe Manuka . kanuka at full flower starting to go off and big shake on but doesn’t appear to be kanuka . Start moving hives to Awakino this week for the Manuka but don’t rate our chances . bush still going strong and with the rain there is heaps of pasture and thistle . Might be able to sell last seasons crop if this one is average ?
  5. I am assuming that David has this book in his light reading section
  6. Would appear to be Comvita by the colour of the boxes and they have a few yards around that area Havent heard any names . Bees have been very keen on robbing today
  7. Not sure , priced as a 10+ with room for the best before date .I’m taking it . was told by a mate who still has about 1/3 of last years crop to sell, ( has only recently sold the rest in last few months and was getting concerned ) that I should expect somewhere from $35 -$40 . As far as I can see the market is very soft ( packers running down stock?)
  8. Small problem , the NPA is only 6.7 which is equal to UMF won’t get to 15 . was offered $38 last week for a mono 11.6 . Have no clue what a mono 5 is worth
  9. Common, I find tends to peak early November along with sac brood but all season . From a queen cell rearing perspective cells are all candled with a light to show any affected cells , dark blob at the tip of queen cell . Any cell builder hive that shows regular BQCV is removed from yard and Requeened . My 2014 testing showed BQCV is correlated with with high nosema apis . My years of queen rearing and being in the same large yard every days for months in the season shows beehives have regular plagues and they differ from year to year and generally don’t have a major impact, Occasionally they do for a week or 2 The only major bee loss that I have noticed with Ox staples was in some full box splits that my worker put wet staples in from bottom of bucket when told not to use . killed a few cups of bees in each , good learning curve !!!. New rule , don’t use wet Oxalic staples
  10. Results of testing December 2014 when Cororapa appeared in coromandel. also a yard that had hives that had fluffy wing syndrome ( nosema) and shiny bees at entrance . Havent tested any more bees since then but should for my education Black Lizard Holdings December2014 samples Bee Pathogen Report 12January2015.pdf
  11. We struggled for bees for late cell rearing last season and used up a heap of singles to boost hives and took bulk bees to also boost hives . hives shut down earlier last season having burnt themselves out on the bush followed by the big dry . Other beekeepers that do bulk bees commented they struggled to get the numbers they usually do last season My hives came through weak and took a while to get going .Wether this is a suppression effect of the Oxalic staple is to be experimented with this winter. Winter bee turn over appeared to be earlier this season ( mild winter) which didn’t help
  12. I used Ox staples autumn and winter and put new ones in August and started replacing them in November as they where getting floppy and chewed. Only seen mites on drone brood between boxes on 3 hives and in 3 nucs where staple wasn’t replaced . Had very good results with 1 staple in 5 frame nuc autumn winter replaced in August as feeders went in , not replaced and being pulled now as feeders come out . Had my usual high Hive losses but that was probably my poor management last autumn combined with last season’s effects. Early treated hives (end Feb) were good , end March and April not great , mites under control but weak , wasps ate lots and some yards spent lots of time robbing somewhere getting weaker and heavier and moved away from staples so poor mite control by August.
  13. Having just got back from my Coromandel hives today , not that exciting. Dropped in 2 weeks ago Cororapa symptoms, not many older bees , brood gone spotty in about 1/2 , 3 queens superceding out of 32 . Requeened 6 and will take more next visit . Had Ox staples all spring , pulled before they went .
  14. As a fairly recent diagnosed diabetic , extraction week lead to high sugar levels . now controlled without medications ( bad reaction to the frontline meds ) by cutting out sugar ( honey) and carbs and losing 20kgs . I do miss my slab of bread and honey
  15. https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2019-11-05/honey-shortages-and-price-rises-as-bushfires-and-drought-bite/11657586 may not be a problem with their Manuka this season
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