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  1. We carry an epipen (it’s due for replacement) just in case. For our farmers or us. We will then carry both until I get the one after. My chemist also said to get a couple of antihistamines in ASAP as well. It’s cheap insurance for a better outcome. How would you feel if you could have, and something dire happened?
  2. @Maru Hoaniwe also use it (air freshener)when removing a swarm. Spray it on the place you’ve taken the swarm from to mask the Queen smells!
  3. @Alastairi remember my mate who had two allergic sons practicing on an orange in the early 90s. There’s more allergic to bee stings than you’d think. Pity I didn’t hear about the epipen project it I’d have been keen.
  4. I love nothing better than doing honey tastings. It’s great to watch & listen to people try different honeys like squash, citrus, rewarewa, we do kamahi, tawari & putaptaweta (sp?) I call it all the white flowers at Christmas time. We also have bush honey from different areas within the Gisborne region. They all taste different. If people haven’t ever had anything other than supermarket honey then they are blown away (there are still some out there.) I would love so see a local honey trail, just like a wine trail (or maybe combined? - there’s a thought have any of you wine producing areas thought of getting your honey on the wine trail?) However, I’m a beekeeper, not a shop keeper or a stall holder. There are already 3 honey sellers at our farmers market. What we need to move the non-Manuka honey off shore, as the market can only absorb so much here.
  5. Hi Craig, When bees leave the hive they void themselves over what ever is under them. Cars, washing etc. This can be avoided by hive placement away from these areas or by putting them where they fly away from areas that could cause concern.
  6. @dansar bees are interestingly structural!
  7. Omg! @nikki wattsthats gold! I have seen & taken all sorts of bee keeping photos over the years but that’s the winner.
  8. We are hanging in there too. This year! I’m writing a letter at the moment about things that have happened, not sure who I’m writing it to. It was kinda sparked by watching the Sunday programme on strong wool. I see parallel problems with them & us with the multi floral (non Manuka) out there pollinating our farmers clover. So if the Manuka price is down yet sales are up (or are they?) where’s the money going? It would be nice if everyone just stuck to their own jobs. Beekeepers look after the bees, packers pack the honey, marketers look after the market. When everyone did their own jobs we had a good viable industry. When everyone started to do everything was when the waters got muddy. More of everything seems to be less for everyone.
  9. We seem to have avoided a pollen dearth this year. The opposite seems to be happening! The willows and practically everything with a flower has hung on for what seemed to be ages as have the cabbage trees after starting early. We are grateful for the rain in the last couple of days as it’s been steady and will have filled the depleted dams that were emptying with the warmth and the wind. (Also nice to be home & catching up on the stuff that gets put off in the craziness that’s October.) The dry of last year certainly had a long term effect on grass growth & tree growth. Our farming friends have had very little growth prior and over winter.Clover is popping up everywhere. There are wee Manuka flowering hard out on the side of the roads & we may see a kanuka flower in an area that’s not had one for four years after getting hammered by Manuka beetles. (Not sure I’m grateful about that or not yet as darker honey ain’t favour of the month.) We live in interesting times as beekeepers. I’m looking forward to checking on this years requeened hives & splits in the next round. The cycle continues.
  10. I’m with Alastair, sometimes she’s gonna go regardless of your best intentions. ?
  11. @Boyeseejust a few quick questions. Is it a double brood? If not take two outside honey frames from box 1 and put as outside frames in 2 brood box then foundation. If it is a double brood then I suggest you take two frame of honey out of your brood box, shake & check for Queen then put in honey super. Replace with two foundation frames. (You can do this in both brood boxes if they are full with no laying space.) Have you seen eggs in your brood boxes anywhere? They could be needing to superceed your Queen. If there are no eggs then you may have a virgin Queen not yet laying or no Queen. They are pretty noisy when you open the hive when they are Qless. How big is that clump of bees? Is there a Queen in there? Are they under the brood box too? If you’ve got eggs you can knock the cells off. If you don’t then you might need to put a frame with eggs on it and see if the then try to make a cell. Use some smoke suit up and have a good look. Best of luck!
  12. Monday! This one went up at morning tea time on the track less travelled in tiger country. No deer were damaged as we were delayed by these.
  13. Himself is standing on a stack of two supers on the back of the trusty Navara! Great way to spend an hour & a half at the end of a long day! Not! We finally after a bit of shaking and sawing (pruning saw duct taped onto long stick) got most of them. We were having lunch when it went up. I was gonna do the hive straight after lunch bb! Score for swarm season 3/4. Considering the amount of tucker in the hives that’s not too bad. Feeling a bit jaded, but we survived another crazy October. Everything boxed up. Gonna paint the house now.
  14. That’s a good story! I’ve got another story and a picture somewhere of a seven box stack with steps made from boxes on the deck of the trusty Toyota trying to box a swarm up a Puketea tree.
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