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  1. The thing is, if you behave badly, and people notice you behaving badly.. is it your fault for the behaviour or their fault for noticing? and why is it that people are expected not to comment? Or to only comment in a positive manner which suits your narrative. Your not going to get a pat on the back for a small good deed when on the whole you are demonstrating bad behaviour. The idea of corporate entities teaching beekeeping is laughable, except they are doing it with our money, so personally I don’t think it’s that funny.
  2. You should have lots of drones at the moment, that’s normal. Yup you can do that. Just make sure both boxes have ample space for her to lay, you don’t want her in a whole box of nectar with no space for eggs. Most hives will make cups, it doesn’t always mean they are going to use them. Just be sure to check them for eggs. You don’t have to split if you don’t want to, replacing the old queen will stop your hive from wanting to swarm in most cases. It is however always recommended to have 2 hives instead of one, so you can use one to fix the other if need be.
  3. I would imagine it’s incredibly cheap labour when the tax payer is funding it, probably much cheaper then immigrants. I think what irks me the most about this is the concept of my tax payer dollars funding corporate entities to employ and ‘train’ cheap labour at a time when many of us are struggling. If they want to train apprentices then that’s great, but they can pay for it themselves
  4. You would think Comvita wouldn’t be in need of a government handout given their enjoyed long and successful history in the industry ??
  5. Full Deane suit or nothing ?
  6. Geez ? That’s terrifying With certain things it would be somewhat of a boost to our economy if we were to disallow the import of cheap and nasty substitiutes from other countries. The mind boggles that anyone would want to buy Australian beeswax from China, especially for eating. I am somewhat suspicious of any food that comes out of China, as are most Chinese people. At times like these if we were keeping things in house and spending money with our own people in our own country we would bolster our own economy and be less concerned with what’s going on in the rest of the world.
  7. Fonterra is going to go south rather quickly with the introduction of yeast created ‘dairy’ protein, when you know how much of our milk leaves the country as powder that goes into so many products like Panadol for instance, if they can replace it with a cheaper alternative then they most definitely will. ? I’ve been leaving honey on ever since I started beekeeping, price be damned, I don’t feed sugar unless I miscalculated
  8. With a truck like that I’m surprised too ? that thing is massive
  9. Got my offsiders first set of PPE, shame the smallest size is a 4, apparently babies don’t go beekeeping ?
  10. It’s good for humans but not if you eat it.
  11. Exactly. Bees make honey for a reason eh. I think there is a huge difference in hive health with bees fed on honey vs bees fed on sugar.
  12. Haha yup, Anzac Day That orange is poppin, I love it
  13. Stoked that you got some help, and now know what’s going on with your hive ?
  14. Good on you @M4tt that was a very kind thing to do. I don’t know how crooks like that sleep at night.
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